Part One
Hannah Emma Lauren Lee. What were her parents thinking? Webster sighed and rolled his eyes as he slightly varied the numbers next to his friend's name. Just a few points here and there and Hell had a low B. His cell phone rang. Webster answered it via his computer's speaker and microphone and was greeted by Hell singing her favorite annoying song.
"Istanbul was Constantinople,
Now it's Istanbul not Constantinople,
Been a long time gone, Constantinople,
Now it's,"
"Hi Webster," A silky voice spoke into to the phone. "She scared a sub today. What are we going to do with her?" Webster could still hear Hell singing at the top of her lungs. He could only imagine the scene she was causing.
"No clue Jessie."
"I did not scare him; I was merely being my self." Hell sang in the general direction of the phone.
"That means you scared him." Simon said coming into the room behind Webster. "Jessie, who's with you?" Simon kept everyone on track, focused.
"Me n' Hell, we're waiting on Leah. Hell, stop breaking my arm, what is it?" Both girls were silent for a while. Then Hell whispered.
"Oh-migod." Pause. "Yum."
"What?" Webster hated that saying. It always marked the beginning of one of Hell's mood swings.
"Yum." Hell said, ignoring him.
"Hey guys," Savannah Lee walked into the room sleepily. She absent mindedly placed a kiss on Simon's cheek. "Where's Hell?" Then she heard the speakers.
"Check it out Jessie!"
"Hell, is it the bagel guy?" Savvy sighed.
"Savvy, this guys floors bagel dude. All black, major hottie."
"Kinda pale Hell, don't get too attached." Jessie added.
"He's in day light Jess, he's cool."
"So sorry I'm late. But there was this completely smokin' guy and he was like hypnotizing. Him."
"Hi Leah." The other girls chimed, only half interested. Jessie handed her the phone and Webster tried to talk to her. Leah transferred her load of books into Hell's arms.
"Leah? Bring them home please? I have a new cross bow I got off a collector in Williams County." There were confused noises on the other end of the phone line. "Leah?"
"Hell pulled a disappearing act on us. I got her main phone."
"Come on back home."
"Wait. Pick up Cynthia on your way back." Savannah said into the microphone. "Don't worry about Hell, she'll come back, she always does."