Author's Note: Whew! It's been a long time since I was inspired to write a story that wasn't a fanfic!

I'd like to thank my dearest friends Aya, Cat, and Ian for helping inspire me to write this story, they may not realize it but I never would have thought up this story without their help.

Thanks you guys.

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Riddles of the Sphinx

By Garrett Sloan

Prologue - Riddle Me This

"And in other news, the chain of homicides continues across Europe and the United Kingdom. These attacks which have happened consistently over the past two months without any evidence left at the murder scenes all seem to have been committed by the same creature. We say creature this evening in light of the evidence that would suggest no normal human has committed these brutal killings. In a few moments we will be showing new footage, caught by an amateur camera man, of the murderer, we urge parents to send their children out of the room as the scenes we are about to show are extremely violent." The CNN Anchorman warned.

The scenes began to roll on television screens all over the world, and in return, all that viewed them went numb.

- - -

A dark London street, a group of teenage friends, one of them with a hand camera, video taping the others, laughing, chatting having a nice Friday night out. A gasp from one of the girls in the group, pointing into an adjacent alley and stammering in French. The camera wielder turned toward the alley, there was a gasp from off screen, a pair golden feline eyes stared at the, from the camera's recorder a low rumbling sound, like an oversized cat purring.

"Bloody 'ell. What is dat?!" One of the teens off camera cried.

"Riddle me this, my darlings." A accented voice purred from the alley where the bright eyes glowed. "Where on earth do the winds always blow to the south.?"

The camera man turned to glance as his friends, all of them looked bewildered.

"Yer askin' us a rittul?" one of the teenagers asked.

"Indeed I am my pet. Where on earth do the winds always blow to the south.?"

The teens blinked perplexedly then one of the girls spoke.

"The South Pole.?"

"A random guess, typical teenage response, and typical wrong answer." The creature in the shadows purred.

The eyes grew larger, it was moving, coming closer, stalking toward them. "What a waist of youth, too much brawn, not enough brain. Still all that muscle should provide a nice meal."

"What tha 'ell are you?" One of the teens cried as the creature came into view.

Like any mysterious beast ever to be caught on film, the being was out of focus, their was fumbling as the Camera wielder worked to refocus the lense then froze, a roar like a wild cat shook the night air around the teens. A scream of horrendous pain, cursing from one the teens, and then the Camera wielders stammering voice as the lense finally refocused, centered upon the bodies of his three friends.

The lense, which had now been splattered with blood, focused on a large creature, a muscular yet curvaceous female humanoid form, off set by a pair of amazing wings form a wing span of nearly 12 feet, spreading from her back and raised high in a show of intimidation and power as she turned to look at the lense, her face caught in shadow so that, once again, only those magnificent glowing eyes could be seen, an eerie beauty in the midst of utter carnage.

"W'a. W'at are you.?" The camera man stammered.

"What lurked in Greece, a hero slew, it rose again then grew and grew." The creature lunged the camera screen went to static.

- - -

The some stunned looking CNN Anchor turned back to the camera.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, what we have just seen is a creature of unknown origins, as shown it moves so quickly that I can barely be tracked and is, without a doubt, not of human birth. We at CNN do not know what this creature is or where it came from, but whatever it is, my God have mercy on those that encounter it."

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

A.N. This concludes the Prologue to Riddles of the Sphinx, stay tuned for Chapter 1 - Riddle me That