Jibun no Jisatsu - 'Self Sucide'

Footsteps linger in the cold snow
road untraveled, where did I go?
soon the sun will set, like blood into dust.
gripping it tightly, in my hand the sword won't rust
I'm waiting now, anticipating your arrival.
cold winds blowing, it was never about survival
We meet at last, just you, and me
You stare at me, I wonder what you see
your eyes are blue, mine, red
my skin is new, yours has bled
who are you..?
who am I..
we danced with those blades that night
we burned like flames, so very bright
a song we sang without sounds, beautifully
so simple, though I'd remember it sorrowfully
our perfection is lonely, so unfair
so obsolete, and without harmony I'm aware
Our single shadow falls, pain is sweet
the blood runs cleanly, our heart's last beat.
"I'll never know you" the words so free.
with final breath I whisper, "You are me."