Save me

I miss you so much
although I know I shouldn't care
you're not mine
and you don't know I exist
but every second
I think of you
every moment
I miss you
it takes everything in me
not to cry
to pretend it's all ok
pretend that I don't care for you
pretend that every breath I take isn't because of you
pretend that my life isn't meaningless without you
pretend that I love some one else
but when I'm all alone
I can't stop the tears
each one calls your name
begging you to come back
begging for you to notice me
begging to see you
begging for something. anything
anything to give me hope
that we're not hopeless
that you could see something in me
and you might return someday
and sweep me into your arms
onto your white horse
and we can ride away into the sunset towards your castle
it's silly I know
a 16 year old still believing in fairy-tales
but if I didn't have my dreams and desires
I'd never have any hope
not even a small droplet
because I know you're too good for me
you always were
but through these tears
I can see your face
smiling at me
and whispering you love me
and it's that face
that beautiful face
that saves me