We were trying to improve
But they put the foot down
We were questioning their ethics
And they said we had none
Hear it resound
A typical notion
That'll start up petitions
That aren't even considered
By those that are elected
And placed higher
Only to put their foot down
To the reforms and the views
That can moderate affairs
There's still class division
And King's War's persistent
Maybe they just can't see
It from up there
But when we're crushed
To the ground
They really don't care
They've been saturated
With the divinity
That gives them right
To put the foot down
Paranoia around
And they'll scratch their
Heads at terrorist attacks
Anthrax scares
Maybe it's because they
Really don't care
About the people who
Put them up there
And maybe, someone,
Will say, Communism
But they'd be socially exiled
Deemed, a Benedict Arnold
By the nationalist goons
Who impose their filthy propaganda
On the people down here
Who really don't know
Consumers who're shade-grown
Just to get the foot put down on them
And have the Representatives
Blame each other for
One another's mistakes
That'll arouse all the marches and the signs
A perpetual cycle that
Only gets a new Man in office
But the Man
Really doesn't care
We'll have our neighborhoods
Decrepit with residents
Getting minimum wage
The problem only to be fixed after
The continuous
War effort
Because the foot
Gets put
Down, Down, Down, Down
While we never have a chance
To rise Up