Sovereignty means nothing
A feign for business contracts
An acknowledgement to the Iraqis
Who're a little iffy
Deception and lies
Nationalism and pride
Liberating Saddam
Was enough, supposedly
Without the dirty bombs
And there are fences
And blockades
Of the American military
On its escapade
Bush, says
When he didn't
Accomplish anything
Cheney says
The country should be
Run by oil companies
Insurgents give us an
All too clear message
That they want us out
For never having any business there
America remains righteously
Running about
Torturing "conspirators" at Abu Ghraib
Making them pay
For their society
That we robbed
Nuc-u-lar mayhem
Was a scam
To get us back on
War Track again
9/11 commissions
Mass demonstrations
Republicans pointing the finger
At each other
Bush linking Al Qeada
And Iraq to one another
And these backwards
Condescending assholes
Are revered by
Half of America?
To me it makes no sense
To get back on the war track
To me it makes no sense
That they should hide behind
Their lust for bloodshed
Goin' out with a boom
Gonna' ride on the war track
The duped portion of America
Are the clowns of the war fad