By Shion

Have you ever stood in the ocean
The Pacific Blue
Just to see what you could see
And do what you could do
Have you ever skipped a class
Just to stand on the school roof
And look down on the city
Cars and trucks all small below
If you have, then you must be
A butterfly

Have you ever listened to thunder
And stared out at lightening
Without thinking it frightening
And just blur your eyes slightly
Have you ever gone out in the rain
And wish it not away, but for it to stay
And said to the clouds
What a wonderful day
Have you ever laughed
When the bear got your trash
And dragged around your house into the back
If you ever have, then you must be
A butterfly

Have you ever laughed away
The pain from cuts and bruises
Just to hear some one say
That you are a loser
Have you ever woken up
Dazed and awe-struck
And rolled over in bed to see
The very reflection of your horrible dream
Laying there, beside thee
And did you scream, or run away
Or mumble something incoherent
It doesn't really matter, see.
You must be a butterfly
And that's better than a flea