My words were shattered. They were never to be seen again. Sand blew across the horizon in a never ending whirl of dust. My tears glistened as they fell to the ground. I watched closely at those struggling furiously in the wind to survive. To go past the pass. I could not let them go. What they could do was too great... It would hurt me too much... I would never heal from my pain.

I made the wind blow harder, faster, and more furious. They would not survive. Not if I, the Lady of the Desert could stop it. And I could. My powers were more horrible... or wonderful than any other lady. My land is growing day by day. I make them die. I make them fall to the earth, begging, pleading for water. Sometimes, if they have been good, I shall give it to them. But other times, I merely send a mirage. It drives them crazy, and it is not longer I who is killing them. It is them. He who sets out to conquer all. He who destroys the Ladies and those who serve under their rule.

My hair blows in the howling wind, my eyes focsed intently on the winds before me, I move around, seeing what is my right to see. two men travel together, looking around desperately. One collapses, he cries to me. He cries to me calling out my name in desperate hope, that I would help him get out. He continues on, saying that other men had been helped, why should he not?

"Mother, what are you doing?" asked the clear voice of my son. I turned around to my twins. My pride and joy. He and his sister held each other's hands tightly.

"I am looking." I replied shortly, my voice going through them like the wind.

"Oh," he said. Samma watched me through his intense eyes, He was the smarter one, I knew it deep within me.

"Can we watch with you?" he spoke for his sister. He always had, it was his nature.

"Of course." Each of them climbed onto me. Samma watched, and he saw the two men.

"Who are they?" he asked.

"They are men," I answered.

"Why do they plead like that?" he asked.

"You are full of questions, young one,"

"Why, mother?"

"They fear for their lives." I said looking coldly upon the men who dared to come into my land.

"But mother, can you not save them?" asked Samma eagerly.

"You have too much hope in their kind. They are those without hope, The akbacha. Humans,"

"You could give them hope." he looked in my eyes hopefully. I could not defy my joy. He clutched his sister's hand once more.

"You ask for me, human." I said. They looked up, seemingly shocked that I had answered. But these akbacha only lie. They cannot tell the truth. Only few have that power, and almost none of those who do use it.

"Could you please save us?" He was blunt.

"I will give you one night of room and board, if you live to the morning I shall show you the way." I told them.

The one that hadn't prayed for me gulped. He whispered something into the other man's ear, but he didn't listen. He had faith in me, and himself, He shouldn't.

A door appeared, and the prayer opened it with faith. He found himself in my banquet hall, I sat on my thrown, hair over one I. In one I watched, and the other was in the banquet hall with the men.

I gave them food and drink, and they ate quite happily, their greed taking over all their common sense.

"I want you to meet my children." I said, Samma and Sahara stepped out, hand in hand. The men were mesmerized, for no one was more beautiful than a child of a lady.

Human greed is something that very few men can control, it takes them over, wanting all that is precious. My children are precious,

I hurried the men off to bed, the one who did not pray was still goggling at the children, and the one who did was trying not to,

I too went to sleep to give them a chance to fail. For me to see them kidnapping the children, and to give me a reason to kill them both.

I woke up at the sound of a gate slamming shut. I walked quickly through the banquet hall and through the gates. Both eyes watched and I did not see them. They were not in the desert,

I looked around the banquet hall to see if they were toying with me. Men took great pride in fooling a Lady,

I looked for other possibilities, but only one came to me. It was impossible, but it was the only thing I could think of. I stepped towards the Gate. The Gate that let out of the desert.

I looked through there they were, I wanted to call upon my powers, but there was nothing I could do. They had left my range.

My children were gone.