His life was lost in her eyes, the clear green crystal that was in them. They hold is attention, no they demanded it, he could not escape the penetrating gaze. To look away would almost seem a betrayal to the absolute beauty that was her essence. The most majestic beauty was her eyes; her face was perfect everything about her was seemed to emanate perfection and it was almost a godly perfection, he had never and probably would never again gaze upon something this perfect. He could see in to and upon her soul saw the scars, the heart ache, the pain, and the troubles she had gone through. He felt a pang of remorse for her but then was caught up in those big green eyes of hers and the rest was lost. All of a sudden a song struck his thoughts, the gaze was broken again, this song fit perfectly to her, and she seemed to be the song inside of his head, embodying the song. Hers was a person of true being she empathized what it meant to be human. Her pain was hers, her life was hers, and everything she did was hers. She knew this and this made her dangerous, she could fit in any place that she wished, this made her deadly. She hated society for everything it was; it was the destroyer of people, it killed so many people, it hated so many more. Society had destroyed her; she would have never caught his attention like she had if she was who she was before. She had changed who she was, her body bore no marks but her soul was eternally scared for all she had been through. With that thought she would use her pain, her brain, and everything else to make life a living hell for people she knew. She knew which people to keep around as friends; this "boy" was not one of them, he was a flunky of society and would never learn. Her mind raced a mile a minute, how exactly to make a society that "prides" its self on the ability to maintain control, to show it exactly how little control it actually has. She would break him mentally, distort everything he once thought he knew, they had always told him what to believe, she would see just how long it would hold true. She could attack him on multiple emotionally. Physically, mentally, religiously, philosophically. This "boy" would break, everything he thought he knew would crumble down around him, she would leave his mind tattered and broken, bloodied, and bruised. He would be worse off than a new born child. For children hold the key to the world and adults strip it away from them at an early age. Adults have corrupted the youth into false security, believing that we cannot determine right and wrong for ourselves. This "boy" was about to get an "ass" kicking he would never lose. It did not take long to break him, he fell before her battered and broken, he looked up into her eyes, saw she was the same. Those eyes of green crystal looked deep and longing at the "boy" he would never recover but the eyes would always burn, these eyes would forever watch him.