A call from the mountains

The fresh breeze, she cries

The merging of color

From celestial skies

A blanket of light

From the heavens, it grows

A new day awaits

Like a still-folded rose

A cascade of night

A pocket of stars

The journey descends

A gaze up to Mars

A rest under sunlight

Waves crash on the shore

Mist dancing with lake breeze

Above you, they soar

Meteors rain down

A drop of moonlight

The perfect of evenings

For a mid-summer's night

Walking alone

Near the long-distant shore

A candle to guide you

Now, forevermore

The bursting of thunder

The whisper of rain

A beauty that only

This night could sustain

The breaking of dark clouds

Dawn's light shining through

A piece of forever

I pass onto you

A new song of hope

To be heard near and far

Welcome to my haven

This is my Shangri-La

~A/N: Written last night by my bestest homie in the world.  ^-^ He shared it with me; and I nearly hit the floor in shock.  *-* I asked to post, and he said 'sure.'  ^-^ Inspired by a cd that was given to me last night.  I'd recommend it to someone who loves nature with music.  ^-^ Ask, and I shall share the title.  ^-^ Please review, and be kind.  ^-^  3

PS:  Mandy, I like how you put you're A/N's at the end of your poems.  ^-^  It's a lot easier, if you ask me.  ^^;; Methinks we shall be doing that from now on.  ^-^