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Just Another Day In Paradise

Chapter four: The Way Things Should Have Been

Bunny flopped down on her bed, and ruffles flounced up around her as she listened to the soft rustle of her skirt and petticoats. She twirled a piece of her now just past shoulder-length blonde hair and sighed. An entire semester of school was gone, and she still knew nothing about Brian. They had been fuled with attraction at first, but now, they hardly acknowledged each other's presence. Both had changed since that first day of school, but memories still tried to tug at Bunny's mind. She shoved them away, though...for some reason, she felt as if they would bring pain.

She stood up, and looked at herself in the mirror. Honestly, would she want to remember whatever past she had with Brian? She knew...there was something there, something significant, but she wasn't allowed to remember. She chuckled to herself...would Brian even want to be seen with her, anyway? He'd become cleaner-cut...black gaming shirts replaced with preppy blue and white striped polo shirts. Olive drab cargo pants replaced with pale-washed jeans. Vans replaced with Addidas...his hair was trimmed, and kept in a slightly neater style. His wire-rimmed glasses had become the thick black "emo" glasses.

And Bunny? She'd become more doll-like. She wore the elegant gothic lolita style with ease that no one in the school could pull off. Often times she made her ruffly skirts and black gingham dresses. She wasn't darker...but she wasn't much lighter, either. She touched the lacework at the edge of her black skirt, and sighed. No, Brian wouldn't want to be seen with her...


Brian flopped down on his neatly-made bed. He looked over at the clock on his nightstand, and saw a picture of his girlfriend Maurie smiling cheerfully at him. It was her senior picture, and she looked stunning in her black, off-the-shoulder dress. Maurie appeared to be very perfect. A band officer and section leader, student council president, and ranked third in her class. She always made straight A's, all the teachers loved her; she was always dressed immaculately and was sweet as can be, so all the students loved her. Her dark brown hair was always either dead straight or curled. She wore the most popular styles, and shopped at stores like The Buckle and Abercrombie. Her skin was free of blemishes. Everyone found her absolutely wonderful.

And what did Brian, her once-gamer boyfriend turned prep boy think of her?

He couldn't stand the woman. She had him by the balls, and refused to let go. Maurie may APPEAR to be sweet and nice, but once she'd sunk her claws into a guy, she would not let him go with an undamaged reputation and self-esteem level. It was a rumor at school that one guy even committed suicide after Maurie broke up with him. Several young men, once at the top of the social ladder, were shoved to the ground after a relationship with Maurie. She was brutal...a "psycho hose beast" as Pip would say.

Brian took a good look at himself in the mirror, and nearly retched (as usual). He hated who he'd become. Under Maurie's pushing, he'd joined several after-school clubs, pushed his grades up, took even more advanced classes (for that girl, he'd switched to AP Statistics for Christ's sake!), dressed different, made Pip get him new glasses and new clothes. He sighed...he and Pip once were close, and it was obvious they were brothers. Pip dressed somewhat Visual-Kei style with some gothic influence, and Brian HAD dressed like...well, a gamer. Both had the same shaggy brown hair and bright eyes, though Pip's were a more blue tint. Now, you could hardly tell they were related.

He then thought of Bunny. Bunny, the pretty freshman next door that he wanted so bad to remember, but couldn't. Bunny, that sweet Gothic Lolita doll that would look at him with her big blue eyes and make him melt inside. Bunny, who he couldn't quite grasp the nerve to talk to anymore. His eyes glanced at himself in the mirror again, and turned away. Why would she want to talk to a prep, anyway?


Pip took off his shirt, and then laid down on his stomach on the bed. He whispered something, and soon snow-white wings stretched out from his back. The young man sighed in relief. Since becoming human-sized, the conscience hadn't been able to really stretch out his wings in ages. He sat up, resting his chin on his knees in a surprisingly child-like gesture. In reality, he couldn't remember how old he was. Hell, he'd forgotten the years as they'd gone by. He sighed...remembering your age was quite a luxury...

Nearly half a year had passed, and neither Brian nor Bunny had caught on yet. Worse still, the two had grown apart. He remembered cute moments that the two once had...Bunny falling asleep with her head on Brian's shoulder, Brian sitting down with the freshman and helping her through her Algebra homework, Bunny shyly baking them both cookies, and her eyes lighting up when Brian said how good they were. Little things...and then Brian had met Maurie. Speaking of Maurie...

"Lamenting over lost love again, Joseph?" a silky voice said. The girl herself sat on his dresser, wearing a white halter top, blue jeans, flip flops...and her black wings were also stretched out. She smirked at him, and he stretched his legs out, rolling his eyes. "Hello Maurie," he said flatly. "And no, I'm not lamenting." Where Pip was from the Agency, and looked pretty bad, he was actually a conscience angel. Maurie worked for Tarturus, and although she looked very sweet and pretty, she was actually a vice demon. The Agency and Tarturus were constantly fighting and at each others throats, but they both had to exist, otherwise the world would be thrown off-balance. Without evil, there was no good.

"So," she said, crossing her legs. "I hear you're doing double duty baby-sitting, Mr. Sheilds." He crossed his arms. "It's not baby-sitting," he said quietly. "It's guidance...and it'd go a lot faster if you didn't keep interfering." She laughed. "Brian's mine," she said. "Your guidance can't help him at all..I've been doing this to high school boys longer than both of your charges have been alive." She tossed a lock of dead-straight hair over her shoulder. "And besides," she said, dropping her condescending manner. "It's my job. You know that...I balance you out. He wouldn't need you if it weren't for me." For a moment, her eyes were almost regretful. "I have to do this to people, it's my job," she said softly.

"You can quit," Pip said, still speaking quietly. She shook her head. "What good is a former demon?" she asked him. "It's either this, or my soul is at rest. This is the only way I can exist, and damn it, I'll take it." Pip grimaced; she was right. That's why there were angels and demons...people who wanted to keep living could take the job, and could live as long as they wanted--until they quit. A brief, unspoked understanding came to both angel and demon. Both knew why they existed, and both knew it was their job to always be at each other's throats. Maurie looked at him. "They'll be sending someone for Bunny soon," she said, remembering why she was really here. Pip's face drained of color. "But she doesn't have a conscience!" he said, sounding panicked. The brunette on the dressed nodded. "I know," she said. "I...can't do anything about it, I guess you'll have to work double-time..." Pip nodded, biting his lip, and Maurie vanished without a word. He sighed, afraid of what would happen...he'd better go see the little girl next door...

Chapter Four: end

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