Though my hand

Held the gun

I swear I didn't pull

The trigger.


I watch through

The hazy fog

As you try to piece

Your lives together.


But how can a puzzle

Be fully completed

If one of the pieces

Is missing.


I swear I didn't mean to

But I guess now

It is too late

To say that I am sorry.


Do you ever wonder

Why I had it

In the first place

Though I didn't pull the trigger.


Will you ever know

Why I held it

Though I swear I didn't

Pull the trigger.


That wasn't what was

Supposed to happen

Despite what you may think.

Maybe I did pull the trigger.


Will you ever lose the

Image, from when you

Walked into the



I know that it will haunt you

Though I remember nothing

Because, after all, I am



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