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Long ago; before the thought of global warming, or earthly damage was even heard of; this world consisted of people that were like us; but had magic's beyond your wildest dreams.

A young fairy-maiden was called in by the Great Spirit.  Called in to her majestic palace high above the mountaintops, to uphold a favor.  A mission, if you will; that none of the others would even dream of pursuing.

The maiden knew her journey would take her a great amount of time; and that the road ahead would prove to be dangerous, and exhausting.  But, alas; the fairy did not wish to upset her higher power.  So, with the gathering of her most precious belongings; the young woman set out to heed the call of her spirit queen.

She ventured for days; living off of the sweet fruit of Mother Earth; the curiosity, and anticipation of reaching the palace; and for finding out what the Great Spirit had wished to call her in for.

After all; she was like us.  A commoner amongst her village, so to speak.  The idea that the queen of the earth had chosen her to descend to the Summit that no one else had dared to descend, both amazed, and haunted her for the longest time.

By the journey's end, the young fairy was left exhausted.  It had taken her three full days to reach the mountain after all.  One could not blame her.  But, despite her physical fatigue; the wonder of why she was called stayed with her.  Alas, she entered the gates, and into the throne room.

She was welcomed with a smile; the Great Spirit rising from her silvery throne; only to smile yet again, and bow her head respectively; raising her form back up to face the journeyer before her.

"Welcome, my darling.  I am pleased to see you could make it."

With this; she presented a place for the maiden to sit; offering both food, and drink for the weary traveler.  The fairy graciously accepted the offering; locking her delicate wings in place, as she spoke; her feminine voice laced with curiosity.

"Great Spirit," she began, bowing her head in respect, "I have ventured from my small village to heed the call to this vast mountain.  If I may, Dream Bringer; why did you summon me here?"

The Great Spirit smiled, "My child; I have watched you grow for years.  I have seen, and felt your tears; your joy; your laughter.  I see a light, and spark inside of your soul that I see in no other.  That is why I have called you fourth," she answered.

This intrigued the maiden-fairy; so she nodded her response; wishing not to interrupt.

"The Earth is beautiful; and at this time, bursting with health, and life.  With beauty that sees further than any eye can see.  She is in her prime, dear maiden.  But, alas; I fear for her future.  For our future."

"How do you mean, highness?" the second female replied.

"I had a dream last night, darling.  A dream that caused me to worry.  To fear for this beautiful planet," the Great Spirit said answered.

"If I may ask; what was of this dream?" the fairy questioned; meeting the warm eyes of her higher power.

"I saw destruction.  I felt anger, as I watched what we know call 'home' be washed away, and turned into a bleak, desolate sky of nothing.  I fear that this dream may soon become a harsh reality," the Great Spirit replied.

"What does this have to do with me?" the young fairy asked; looking up at her creator.

"Because you have the light in your heart.  I have watched you from above; and chosen you out of everyone in your village.  You have the power to change our dampened future, my child.  You just need to learn to use it," the Great Spirit said.

"What is this power?  How will I know when I have found it?"  the young woman asked; taking a sip of the sweet drink before her.

"That I cannot tell you; for it would take away the whole reasoning for spiritual enlightenment.  The journey that I am about to send you on will be rocky, and steep.  There will be enough food and drink for you to survive; but you must know which path to walk down on; and which power to heed the call of," the Great Spirit spoke in response.

"What must I do, my queen?" the young fairy asked, standing up from her sitting down position.

"You must find a way to preserve the beauty that lingers upon this earth today.  You have to discover how to keep what we all love, and cherish truly just as bright, and bursting with life as it is to this very day.  A way to show, and teach others that will walk this land after us that what they have been given is precious; and something not to take for granted.  Without words; you must keep our Earth Mother alive, and well for years to come.  Do you understand, my child?"  The Great Spirit questioned.

"Yes.  I do believe so," the young maiden spoke back, gazing towards her higher power.

The Great Spirit nodded her head, "Very well.  Go fourth and seek out this mission.  Bring to life in which is now slowly dying; show the future beings of this planet what we have grown to love, and respect since the first drop of sunlight beamed down onto our blinking eyes.  Make this horrid nightmare just a mere memory; and conserve the gift in which the Mother has bestowed upon us.  Good luck, my child."

"Thank-you, Great Spirit.  I shall search far and wide for the way to preserve our home; and to show her beauty to those soon to come into it's delicate embrace.  I will not fail you, my queen."

With this, she bowed yet again; gathering up enough food, and drink to last her this journey; making her way out of the silver palace; and out into the world below.

The journey had kept her for weeks, and days pondering what exactly she had to do; about all that her creator had said about her; and how she had spoken so worriedly about the future.  Finally, she had an idea.

Using a soft paintbrush created from the silk of white roses; the fairy lifted herself high above the land; the mountains, and earth below her only witness, as she lightly sketched, and tapped the black, solid sky; marking tiny dots of white both back and fourth into the heavens; placing a solid white dot in the center; pulling away to observe her work.

Smirking; she got yet another idea. 

She reached behind her to her wings; lightly breaking off a tiny piece of their silvery texture; grinding the tiny, silken sparkle into dust; sending the glitter off with a kiss to the skies; making the very white dots above sparkle like diamond shards in the sunlight. 

With the final traces of silver; the fairy sent a shimmering line of glitter up towards the biggest dot- making it burst, and sparkle with a metallic glimmer; rays shining down towards the earth, as they seemed to dance with the mountaintops; making them look purple; as the drops of light kissed the earth like a gentle lover; seeming to give the night a magical glow.

Her next step was the land below; making a quick trip to the sea to collect some water; bringing it back in a cider basket; then searching deep below the mountains for some rocks; bringing back a few pieces of mica.  Combining them with the water; she smashed them into dust- heating them up with the rays from the now-rising sun. 

Pleased with how they formed into a thick mass of steaming liquid; she quickly retreated to the peak of every mountain; dropping a little bit of the liquid into it's dormant core; causing streaks of orange magma to erupt from it's sides, like golden veins; not to destroy and kill; but to rebuild, and make new land; adding on to the already wondrous beauty that surrounded everyone who inhabited it.

Smiling at her work; the fairy went on to preserve this land; giving a time of rest for the weary planet; sending crystals of white down onto the earth around them; freezing the lakes; and chilling the rivers; mixing up the fruits of the land to create breath-taking sunsets; and heart-stopping northern lights.

To this, she would follow suit with it's awakening; merely blowing a kiss; and causing the flora and fauna to awaken, and be re-born from it's long slumber; the ice crystals melting; and the sun above to take control over it's terrain once again.

But, she could not have this two-way pattern go on forever; painting the green treetops with colors of red, yellow, gold, brown, and orange; sending them eventually to the ground, in heaps of gold; falling from view, and landing into the very element that it was born in.  Not to die; but to be refreshed with the new dawning, and kiss of spring.

Eventually, she had grown tired; and too weak to carry on; her final days on the planet being surrounded in that in which she had so loved, and helped preserve.  On her final day; she was asked to see the Great Spirit one final time, before passing on into the afterlife.

The Great Spirit; impressed with her work; spoke to her, as she lay slipping from this world before her throne.

"My darling; you have done your job so well; that I no longer need to fear for our beautiful planet.  You have outdone yourself; and your light is stronger than ever.  I give my whole-hearted thanks; and my eternal gratitude; for you have made so many see how wonderful this world truly is; and for that, I will forever keep you in my highest of honors."

The fairy smiled; the years aging her appearance quite a bit; but her spirit still bursting with life; and her spark still very much there.

"I have learned much from my years of the mission, Great Spirit.  I was a young woman back then; a teenager turned adult; not knowing what her reasoning, or her purpose here was.  Now that I have helped others see what you and I have seen; I understand that my reasoning was right before me.  I just had to see beyond the visible to discover it."

She coughed slightly; the ability to breathe freely starting to be difficult for her, meeting her queen's eyes one final time, as she managed to speak:

"I wished that only I could live to see the future of my creation; to see the sunrise one last time; to see the moon dancing with the stars for one more night; to watch the flashing lights of aurora borealis upon the mountaintops before I pass along.  But sadly, I know that that will not come to be."

Taking a few moments to breathe, she continued on, "I have tried for so long to preserve this beautiful haven; to keep her as she had been when we all first stepped into the sunlight.  I have lived here; and now I wish to die here.

Great Spirit; please; tell them all that I have learned; teach them to love, and cherish what is ours.  Let them see and feel as I have.  Allow them to reach the enlightenment, and gain the wisdom that I myself have gained on my journey, both here; and in my lifetime. 

Teach them everything, Great Spirit.  Before it's too late-"

With that, the maiden released her final breath; her eyes closing for their final time; the silken texture of her silver wings twitching slightly on the floor; her body lifeless; as the Great Spirit could only watch in sorrow for her fallen comrade.

Remembering her journeyer's wishes about eternal life; she quickly got an idea; calling fourth all of the elements in which the departed fairy had spent so much time, and love in creating; taking in a tiny piece of everything, and placing them into a bucket- mixing them together with a tiny, wheat-made paintbrush.

Lightly bringing the colors, and elements together with the most gentle of strokes; softly beginning to caress with the bristles, the fallen maiden's corpse; it seeming to glow, and like the life in which she had created; be re-born with new life; sealing her eternity with moonbeams from the skies.

From that day on; the fairy maiden was returned her youth; her eternity sealed within the blanket in which she had created; her title no longer known as a commoner; but of the very force, and very spirit in which we all feel today when we look at the world around us. 

The very rush of warmth that we get when a sunset is looming; when a star makes it's way across the heavens; and when a soft, mountain breeze fills your senses with a ray of hope, and will to carry on.  The one that we can always feel and hear; but can never see with the naked eye.

…Mother Nature.

~Again inspired by the CD that we were given last night.  ^-^ I hope you liked it, and where it came from?  I'm not totally sure.  I think the CD made me tap into my spiritual side. ^-^ Bout time, too.  I was going crazy from lack of writing.  ;;-;;  ^-^ Please be sure to R/R!  I'd say this is one of our best works yet.  Even better than Death Angel.  ^-~ Send me some love; you know you want to!  ^-^  3

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