Don't Never

Why do you think its age
The time everyone wants to die
I cry 'cause
Can't you think I'm different

The world is some other case
I'm not with the mainstream
But what would you know
You probably don't even remember your own child's face

You don't love me anymore

You buy me everything so I'll leave you alone
The world alone
And live in my room
Live in the world your bought for me on my own

You got me a lock
You got me shudders
You bought me the media so I wouldn't need
To recede to the real world

So I'd never go anywhere
Bother anyone
Become anything
See the sun and sky

You're not my hero
Never my idol
But everything I hoped never to be
And now I can make sure I never will

I hope you don't ever cry about
My suicide was all your fault
But blame me like you did every other time
At my funeral flout at that corpse

Don't cry for me
Just yell
'cause I stained your carpet

~Dark Ink