Haunter of Nightmares

No blood flows through my veins,

They are empty,

Like your eyes.

A hand reaches down to grab me when I dream,

And I am in the ground,

Six foot deep.

Or is it really a dream?

Or is it you?

Your meaningless anger towards me,

You are a ghost who haunts dreams...

My dreams.

Longing to choke me,

And steal my soul,

So it can burn over time,

And become annihilated,

To go neither to Heaven or Hell.

To be forever inexistent.

Would that be your peace?

And then would you pass on?

But how do you know you shall not go to Hell for your crime?

Or shall you be forever in bloody purgatory?

I don't care what happens,

I just want you to leave.

I have been dead for two hundred years,

And so have you,

But now you should have been extinguished.

Like an old candle.

Instead of nothing,

You are now the smoke.

I didn't kill you.

You did.