Empty blue sky waters
A silver monkey sits at the controls
Screaming and howling, he pulls a spoon
Agile UFOs stumble on the table
Diamond sheet metal on either side lights the way

An explosion
Like feathers falling from the moon
The ship plunges into darkness

I wake up
I am running through the diamond-plated passageway
Shouting warnings to the blind people on either side
The silent rowers just stare
I dive through the gliding metal door
Made of salt

A girl sits there
I know her
I look towards the only other door
I know it leads to the icebox
I can hear it painting

She smiles
A door opens, a gateway to the stars
I cannot move
"You are trying to escape"
The stars and the girl fade to white
She asks me why as I fall through
A net of bread and butter

I wake up
The silver monkey sits
He screams
The blind people cannot hear
I take a spoon
It shatters as I drop it to the ground
I am free

I wake up