Memorable Incident in My Life
If I close my eyes and really think. many memorable incidents will float through my mind. Some of them small and meaningless, others enormous and unforgettable. Those types of memories usually have pain and foolishness associated with them. I think the simplest mistakes can lead to the biggest problems. That's how my most memorable moment was. A tiny snowball rolling into a menacing and vicious snowball packed with cold and frosty suffering.
To begin, the year is 1998 and I am a happy 7 year old kid in second grade. As I stepped onto my miniscule and yellow bus, I thought back on my fun-filled day at school. After I was emptied from the mouth of the tiny yellow bus, I skipped happily into my 83 year old house. I was soon happily greeted by my mom and sister. Hours later I was bouncing back and forth between two urine stained couches. This small and simple action was the unforgivable root of my problem.
In addition, my sister was on one of the couches. She was the active ingredient to this terrible mixture. Complaining constantly, she tried to watch TV. Eventually, after she decided that her pleas were fruitless, she decided to stop my constant bounce. She stuck out her leg and tripped me. All I remember was twisting uncontrollably in the air and seeing the plaster ceiling swirl above me. It must have sounded like a collision of two massive forces. The back of my head slammed straight into the sharp corner of our once peaceful coffee table. My sister gasped in horror. My mother ran into the room with a petrified look on her silent face. I placed my hand against my head and brought it back in front of me to reveal. blood! That's when the crying began.
Next, I was rushed to the hospital still crying like a mad man. My mother was crazily driving and spitting guilty splashes of insults and words to my sister in the backseat. As she roughly parked I started to stop crying. She dragged my tiny body inside where she talked and argued with a doctor. I no longer remember what it was all about. I was then set on one of those scratchy beds where I sat patently. Then, I heard a woman explode into shrill screams of bloody murder. This got me screaming in fear again. My sister was crying harder than I was.
To conclude, I remember being in my bed the next day. I was put to sleep sometime between my screaming and me being in bed. I was given staples in my head do to the fact that my skull had split. To this day I remember the immense terror I had felt. The pain lingers in my memory also. This memory was one I will never forget. I also make sure my sister will never forget it as well. Incidents like these usually leave a permanent mark in someone like carved wood. It will remain etched in my breain till the day I die (which I hope isn't any time soon). Of course I leaned from this as well. I learned to think about what I'm going to do before I do it. A little bit of thought could have prevented a lot of pain and misery. That's the way life is and I'll never forget it.