I have to smile a little; you have that effect on me.
I know it's because of the love I've been fed
By you, and now thoughts of you fill my head.
Thinking to myself, loving you comes so easily.
I flash a grin your way,
I gotta make you happy, because you're my girl.

I can't believe that I do so much to make you smile.
I know that I would play the fool for you,
Or even come home on day painted all in blue:
I'll do it because I know it's all worth the while.
I rest my chin on my right hand as a little smile creeps to me.
You happiness means more to me than my own pride.

Can you remember that day when we finally gave us a chance?
I knew way before then what I would do to make you mine:
I would do anything and everything, and that would be fine.
And to think, it all started off as a slow, romantic dance.
Nostalgia fills me up now, as I reminisce.
I guess I love you truly, madly and deeply.

As a last note, can I point out one minor detail?
I won't give my love to any girl except for you,
Quite simply, I'm not able to love again so true.
This promise from me to you, I know I wouldn't fail.
I stare into your eyes just now,
And I see our future intertwined, eternally.

I love you.