By: Andy Santos


As dawn rose on Green Hills street an eerie glow was cast upon all of the old Victorian style manors that inhabited that street. All of the houses closed in on each other made the street look like one of those horror films at night. Everything was usually quiet on the street. At least it was. Ever since those three girls from next door moved in, strange things have been happening in Green Hills. Green Hills has always been that nice little town that everybody knows each other, and are friends.

The hills around the town makes Green Hills have its own territory a little far from the city of Angels. The city of Angels Its one of those busy city's and that's not what Green Hills is about. Especially Green Hills Street.

After these girls moved in, strange things have been happening here. Strange creatures have been sighted. But somehow, they always seem to disappear. Who knows what happens to them. But I bet those girls do. The old Slater manor was closed since the late Mr. Slater died five years ago.

Since then no one has ever touched those doors. I think its even safe to admit that no one even dared to put their foot on the stoop to the old house. You see, there's a rumor that has always been around Green Hills that old Mr. Slater was into magic and used to curse people when they passed in front of his house. And now that he's gone, there's a new rumor that his house is cursed, and that's why no one ever goes even near his house.

But these girls came into the house and just shook up this small town. You see, they claim to be Slater's granddaughters and the house is theirs now. But I don't believe it. I live next door to them and they are always up to something suspicious.

Its weird how young girls can be so moody and suspicious. They are never home at night. I don't know what is up with those girls. They have brought a new generation of spooks to this old town. And they are going to have to take them back with them when this town finds out what their up to.

Chapter 1

Moving in Slater Manor

"Hannah, Put that box over there," Lena said as she put down box herself with china written on it. "This house is so beautiful and elegant," Hannah said. The third sister Tiffany just walked in the door with jeans and a I love New York shirt with some sun glasses. The manor opened up in the front door to a elegantly furnished living area with a fire place. The mantel had old dusty pictures on it. "We have serious cleaning to do," said Lena.

The house itself was three floors. The first floor had a living, dining, and T.V. Room with a spacious kitchen, nook, and a parlor, with a huge garden in the back. There was also a basement but the girls haven't checked it out yet. The second floor has 4 bedrooms and three bathrooms. And the last floor is the attic witch has more antique furniture. "I don't think we will have lots of room to put our stuff here with all of this junk from Slater here," said Tiffany. "Well we have to try at least," responded Lena. "We have to make the best of this experience."

" What I still don't get is that grandpa chose us to be the main people of his will, when his brother is the one he loved?" asked Hannah. Hannah is the youngest sister and Lena is the oldest. Leaving Tiffany to be the middle sister. "You know grandpa was a weird guy Hannah, nobody gets what he does," responded Lena.

"Lets just finish putting these boxes here and then we will go to explore this old raggedy place," said Lena sarcastically. The other two giggled as they headed for the car to get more boxes.

When the girls finished bringing in the boxes they headed for the kitchen where they dropped of a box of utensils, and china. A door in the left corner caught their eyes. Lena was the first one to head over. She slowly and lightly said, "Should I?" "yes!" the other two chimed together. Lena put up her courage and slowly turned the old knob. The door creaked loudly in the old hinges and was kind of dim yellow because of the old paint.

As she opened the door a pitch black room came to their eyes. "Keep to the wall and stick close," Lena said. "We don't know what's down here." Just as Lena said this and they stepped down into the darkness a knock came from the front door. "Oh crap! What better timing than this," said Tiffany. She then headed off into the kitchen to the living area almost tripping over the old rug.

"We really need to do something about this house," she said to herself. She now reached the door witch was wide open and a fairly young girl was standing in the large doorframe. She was wearing some faded overalls with a plain white shirt. She was holding a plate full of little pieces of brownies. "May I help you?" Lena said reaching the door where Tiffany was staring at the girl.

The girl calmly and politely said, "My mom and I saw you guys moving in." "We wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood." "Well tell your mom thank you," Lena said about to close the door. But Hannah was already at the door and held it. "Want to see the house?" she said. "Umm, sure," the girl said. "My name is Jessyca by the way."

Hannah and Jessyca smiled at each other and Hannah escorted her inside. She gasped as she saw how big the house actually was inside. Lena stopped them and said, "excuse me, I have to clean one of the bedrooms and bathrooms so we can actually sleep here tonight." Lena walked away leaving the two gasping at her.

Hannah and Jessyca spent almost the whole afternoon looking at the house. Lena was stuffed inside the master bedroom and Tiffany was at the kitchen fixing up the dishes witch she had to clean to put away. It was getting to be dusk and the houses were all blanketed with an orange glow. Everything was really quiet and it irritated Tiffany. She brought her stereo to the kitchen and put on one of her favorites CD's.

Jessyca came into the kitchen with Hannah laughing. Then suddenly without warning she spun around and turned off the stereo. "Excuse you, " said Tiffany edging towards the stereo to turn it back on when suddenly she grabbed Tiffany's hand. "What exactly do you think your doing?" Jessyca asked. "Well I was listening to my stereo in my house!" responded Tiffany.

Jessyca took a large breathe and turned to her once again and said, "What is that you hear?" Lena was coming down the stairs and stopped as she saw Jessyca holding Tiffany's hand and straining to hear something when to Lena it was total silence. Everyone held their breathe. "Well I don't hear-" "exactly," said Jessyca cutting Tiffany off short. "You will learn that this neighborhood isn't into loud music-especially at night."

Tiffany had one of those expressions on her face as if she had heard something she didn't want to hear. Lena finished coming down the stairs and took her place with the others in the kitchen. She sat on the chair next to the island. Tiffany pulled her hand away from Jessyca's and turned on her heels and stomped off to the bedroom. She didn't even look back. "Sorry jess, but you'll learn not to correct her or tell her what to do," said Hannah. "Does she always takes things so seriously?" said Jessyca. ""Well we are in our house, and if she wants to hear loud music, why exactly can't she?" asked Lena with sarcasm. "You'll find sooner or later that this town isn't what it seems," responded Jessyca with a frightening tone in her voice that shook the hair on Lena's arm.

Hannah walked Jessyca to the oversized front door and said goodbye. When she closed the door Lena automatically came into the entranceway and stopped Hannah dead in her tracks. "What?" asked Hannah. Lena had a stern look on her face. "I don't want you hanging around with that girl," Lena started. "She isn't good. I can sense it." "You know what, it always killed you that I can get friends and you cant," Hannah started. "It has nothing to do with that!" screamed Lena.

"Well you know what, she is my only friend here and I will continue to see her for as long as I stay here."

Hannah stormed up into the bedroom and went to bed. Lena rested her back onto the door and wondered what she was going to do. As she stood there she remembered the letter that got to all of them when it read what was theirs from their grandfathers will. This old house. "I bet there's a lot more to this house than what the eyes can see," Lena said to herself.

She then climbed up the stairs to go take a shower and head off to bed. They had a lot more things to do in the morning.