Silent Death

Desperately, I cling to the delicate, crystalline debris that remains of my dreams of returning prosperity to this broken, barren landscape. My cherished ideals have been violently stripped away, leaving me hanging onto the lingering wisps. Cold and alone, I try to remember my hopes and yours, what we both strove so hard to accomplish before the despair was born. I'm dying to rebuild it all, but I am less than half the strength we had together; my spirit has fled from me; I can do so little without you!

A chill wind draws itself up to blow itself against my bare skin, freezing my extremities to match the icy void within me as I try to catch my breath and regain my blissful visions. My hands pick up the dry soil, and I rub it over my fingers and palms, letting the stiff, large granules disintegrate. My empty eyes stare out across the leveled wasteland to the horizon that never has a sunrise. The sky is dark above, a black hole swallowing everything that could have been beautiful: the luminous days, and the fragrant nights, and the quiet eyes that gazed, and the humble mouths that smiled. Our hopes have been lured and entrapped in this abyss and with them…you. The grief tastes of bitter tears. The silence smells like toxic lead. Forgive me for succumbing. I never had your strength.

The terrible vacuum tugs harder at my memories, the last crumbs of happiness left to me, until…slowly…I let go.