A/N: Yes, I realize that the main character Kit bears a startling resemblance to me, even down to her name. And that Tif seems similar to one of my best friends. Trust me, that was entirely accidental. Kit is not me, Tif is not Iele. Anyway, I'm being a good kitten with this story, and have actually gotten about a chapter done every week or so, and I have an outline for this, so unlike my other projects, this one should get done in a relatively short amount of time.

No need for a disclaimer, this is my story, my characters, mine, all mine!! I should probably warn you that there is going to be a relationship between two girls mentioned, and that is in fact the main idea of the tale. Don't like it, leave or get over it. Now, on with the show!

Chapter 1

"Hey, Kit! Get back here, I want to talk to you!"

It was upon hearing those words spoken by that voice that I sighed. That afternoon was a lifetime ago--or at least it seems that way, now, six months later--but I remember that much clearly. I sighed when I heard Tiffany's voice.

"Kit! No kidding, wait up! Come on, Kit!"

I turned around to wait for her, whatever it was had to have been important. Tiffany doesn't run for anyone or anything, and I could hear the smacking of her flip-flops in the distinctive rhythm of someone wearing footwear ill suited to the gait they were trying to use. Her wavy auburn hair was loose, for once, and I watched it bounce with each step she took. I remember thinking that she never should have cut it; she had been so beautiful with long hair. Chin length and bouncing like that it just looked… I don't know, but it didn't suit her. She was still pretty with the short hair, but I'd always thought that she could have been a model with that long hair of hers.

When she finally caught up to me her face was flush from her exertion, and she was out of breath from the unaccustomed jog from the school auditorium to the parking lot. I wondered idly if she had run to my locker first, which would have taken her a hallway and a flight of stairs in a direction the opposite of wear she needed to go.

"Damn, Kit," she gasped, "couldn't get out of there fast enough, could you?"

I smiled at her ironically; I don't think I've ever smiled at her in any other way. "Don't you remember what day it is?"

She rolled her eyes at me, and the sun peeked through the clouds just long enough to catch the green of her eyes, making them glow for a second. In that moment she looked like some sort of fairy, the kind that her Irish Grandmother would tell us about when we were little. One of the fairies that liked to cause trouble, not because they were mean spirited, but because they wanted to have fun.

"Of course I know what day it is. It's May 24, our last day of high school, ever. I know how much you must want to get out of here, but damn, I thought you would have wanted to say goodbye to some people, or at least clean out your locker."

"We still have graduation, you know," I told her as I resumed walking to my car. I know I laughed at the little noise of protest she made at having to move again, somewhere between a whine and a whimper. "I cleaned my locker out yesterday."

"Underclassmen!" she whined, "You do have several friends who won't be at graduation."

"Said my goodbyes to them yesterday, or before the assembly."

"Kit! Urrrgh!" I always made her make that sound, it was her 'I'm disgusted with Kit' noise. "You are impossible, you know that? Anyway, I know that wasn't what you meant when you asked if I knew what day it was. What is so special about today that you have to flee Ridgemonte like a rat from a sinking ship?"

"Tif, that is such a cliché. I'm disappointed."


I smirked at that point, "Today is the day she's coming in. I'm gonna pick her up at the airport."

Tiffany seemed shocked by this, "You're actually picking her up? Is she staying at your place or something? You two have never even met face to face before!"

It was my turn to roll my eyes, "It doesn't matter. She's as much my friend as you are. I even cleaned up the spare room, in case she wants to stay there instead of my room."

"Please, Kit… from what I've seen when I talk to her, I think she's still in love with you. She's going to want to sleep in your room, in your bed, with you."

Please, not this again, I prayed silently to some unnamed deity. "Tif, she is not still in love with me."

"Yes she is!" Tiffany protested, loudly, "And you're still in love with her! Just admit it!"

We had reached my baby blue Honda by that time, and as I unlocked my doors I looked around to see who was witnessing the scene Tiffany was causing. "No, I'm not. We're just friends, Tif. Why do you have such a hard time accepting that?"

"Then explain why you two have never dated anyone else, hmm?"

I opened my door and slid into the driver's seat, putting the keys in the ignition. "Coincidence," I muttered as I turned the key.

"Bullshit," she countered as she opened the passenger door. "Can you give me a ride home before you make your dashing airport run?"

I nodded and laughed a little, "I thought Jay was going to pick you up?"

"Please, Jay? Wake up before one o'clock? Right, that'll happen. When hell freezes over and you admit your feelings to yourself. I told him we got out at eleven 'cause we're seniors and that I'd get another ride home," she said with a laugh as she climbed into the seat next to me.

"Why are you still dating him, anyway?" I asked, hoping to keep her from remembering the conversation from only moments before.

"I don't know; he's a loser, and I know it. Maybe just because I haven't met anyone better yet." She then poked me, despite the fact that I had started backing up the car and I had to concentrate very hard not to flinch. "Don't think you can escape it so easy. Why haven't you dated anyone since her?"

I sighed again; it was going to be a long drive to her house.