Shoe Box Memories
Shoe box memories are the type that are filled away in a shoebox in your
these are the things that you don't want people to see.
the happy little ideas that you keep,
so that you can look at them and reflect
on the fantasy world that you have created.
These are the happy thoughts that help you fly
away from all the pain
The things that stay tied up in ribbon
for special occasions,
like a birthday present.
The dream that one day you will find
someone who loves you,
and that there is nothing holding back your love.
The carnivals you shall never see.
The plays, and books you shall never write.
The awards you shall never win.
The shoe box is small,
but can hold a lot,
since a dream is the size of a grain of sand,
and as easily to blow away.
All is takes is a small shake,
and your box can fall on the floor.
memories escaping.
Never to return,
dreams gone out the window.