Helping another person requires a certain gift. No, not some magical supernatural gift, but the gift of compassion. Hell, even the gift of one solid good word would be enough.

Most people assume that, since someone is down, that they can't help them. Because, of course, if you're feeling like shit, you should be able to help yourself, right? Wrong. These things can just happen. A mere moment can change everything you feel. Including your outlook on friends, family and yourself. Sometimes that person gets depressed.

This doesn't mean you should fly to the phone and call the nearest doctor to help them and stuff them with pills. Ever think of just lending them a shoulder? Letting them vent or cry out their misfortunes? This seems like the stupid path, doesn't it? But, if you were the one who felt like shit, would you rather tell a complete stranger or your best friend your problems?

The one thing that is a fucked-up help session in the making, is if you say to look on the bright side. Or, hell, see the 'silver lining.' Do you think they're going to? No. Tell them the world sucks. Sympathize, but don't pity. Don't degrade the dignity that is the only thing that will probably repel them out of this pit of sorrow. Just listen. Feel with them, slowly bringing them back to the land of the semi-living. But don't push. Let them come back at their own stiff necked pace if you have to.

If you can give that one comforting moment to a person, then why not? Let them know you care. Show them with a small guesture, such as a hand squeaze. Be there for them when they need you. Don't go hunting them down and forcing them to tell you all their god damned problems. They'll only push you away. Throw it back in your face. Good intentions can go too far too. Feeling for them is one thing, getting yourself mixed up in their world of pain and misery will only lead to your downfall too.

Learn to distance yourself from them sometimes. See the 'light of day,' if you start feeling the glumbness settle on you too. Feel for them. Care for them. Love them. But don't hurt them or yourself in the process. You could end up helping, or fucking things up more. It's worth the risk in my opinion. If you posses the gift of giving your total and undivided attention to someone, utilize it. Help someone who wants it.