I Love You
13 July 2004
12:44 A.M

You know, I spend too much time
Looking back on moments
We spent together
Times that we shared smiles
And laughed together
And our first kiss
The first time you told me
You loved me
And that night that you told me
I was beautiful.
I laugh at the memories of
Meeting your family and
When you met mine
And even looking so far back
I laugh at how nervous I was
To tell you how I felt
But now, coming up on two years later
I feel incredibly blessed to
Have met you and given the
Opportunity to love you
I look at where we are today and
I smile inside
I know today beyond a shadow of a doubt
That in my heard all I feel for you
Is love
Complete and pure and true
And though I look back on
The moments of the past
I also look to the moments
Of now and of the future
I love you.