Chapter 1: Chad

Chad Charolson. Many have tried to describe him, but not many have succeeded. Brown hair, hazel eyed, a temper shorter than a snail is slow…or just unusual.

Any time anyone asks Chad "How's life?" he replies, as required by law "normal", but Chad's life is far from normal. For one thing he has started, being 14, to like a girl named Stephanie Smith. For another thing, his life has never been normal, seeing as how he is a spy for the U TRIPLE S--short for the United States Statute of Secrecy. He has been a spy since he was six years old, and probably will be a spy for as long as he lives, for reasons I won't mention now. Since Chad has been a spy for most of his life, he hasn't had very much time for things like video games and puzzles and, to most kid's surprise, television. He spends most of his free time at the U TRIPLE S agency.

You're probably wondering how he ever became a spy for the U TRIPLE S in the first place. On his death bed on April 23, 1994, Chad's father told him all about the United States Statute of Secrecy, and his final request was that Chad would continue to work at the U Triple S in his place. This was the beginning of Chad's not so normal life.

Now lets skip forward a few years to the most worthy story in Chad's, or at least the one that will keep your interest the best...

Chad had never liked being "called " to the agency for a specific reason, and today was no different.

"Do I have to?" Chad argued heatedly, sitting down on his squashy black comforter, talking on the "secure" telephone line set up in his bedroom for calls from the agency only.

"YES!" said a deep stern voice on the other line. This was a voice Chad heard far to often. This was the voice of Shade Shinestern.

"Fine," said Chad sarcastically, slamming down the phone, pulling on his overcoat, grabbing the keys to his four-wheeler and heading out the door to the garage, ignoring his mother's yell about breakfast.

He walked to the edge of the driveway, turned left and knelt down to the curb, inserting his key into a slot in the curb that was unnoticeable unless you were in his position. He twisted the key into the concrete and a three-foot hole opened in the driveway. Chad ignored the ladder, and jumped down next to his four-wheeler. Just as the hole closed completely about ten lights revealed a tunnel that continued for fifty feet before turning. Chad started his four- wheeler and followed the tunnel for three more turns until he got to an underground metal door with five locks in a circle. Chad opened a side pouch on his four-wheeler, pulled out a long chain of keys, inserted the correct five, and opened the door. When it opened, he walked into a dark circular room with three doors. One door was labeled "Chad Charolson's Office" with a fingerprint scanner next to it, the next- door was blank, and the next was labeled "Missions". Chad opened Missions door and entered.

When Chad walked into this familiar room he saw two things that were very unusual. One was that there was someone other than Shade in the room. The other was that the other person was Stephanie Smith. Naturally, Chad was shocked that the prettiest girl in his middle school was sitting there waiting for him. Shade stood up, greeted Chad, beckoned him into an empty chair and started talking.

"Well you are probably wondering why Stephanie is here," Shade started " She was sitting at home on the computer, when her parents came into the room and began arguing. Stephanie didn't think anything of it, until her father pulled out a gun. Stephanie's mother, was--" he broke off to the sudden sound of Stephanie's sobs. "M-m-m-," Stephanie stuttered.

"Murdered," finished Shade. Chad looked open mouthed from Stephanie to Shade in astonishment.

"So what does this have to do with me?" said Chad.

"Well, her dad tried to-" Stephanie interrupted Shade again. "He-he tried to kill me, maybe so I wouldn't tell anyone that he killed my mom."Shade finished up. "So it your job to protect her while her dad is in jail."

"So let me get this straight, I'm supposed to follow her around all the time," snapped Chad abruptly.

"Not exactly," replied Shade "We thought about that but we decided against it since it would seem strange that you suddenly switched all your classes to the same as hers. So we figured that we should use the RBA."

Chad gave a little "Oh" of approval, but Stephanie gave a little "Huh?" of misunderstanding.

"Oh, sorry Steph. I mean the Red Button Alert. You will carry this around," Shade held up a little heart shaped locket and opened it. Inside was a tiny red button. He pressed it and a muffled vibrating "BURRRPP!" came out of Shade's pocket. He pulled out what looked like a palm pilot. "And Chad will carry this. All you have to do is press the red button when you are in trouble."

"Ok," she sniffed as she picked it up and reluctantly left the room.

"Shade?" Chad asked. "If her dad's in prison why do we have to do all this?"

"Because," Shade said seriously, "that's not all."