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Starcrossed - Chapter 1


He yawned widely, hiding it behind his hand when his father turned his back. He really, really, really didn't want to be there. Yes, he was the typical Good Boy, listening to his parents and tidying his room and eating all that leafy green stuff. But, as far as attending boring meetings, he could only go so far.

"Alex, are you even listening to me?"

His head snapped around and he gave his father a small smile that he knew charmed his mother. "Of course father, and I understand, I just don't really want to..." Alex ended there, leaving his father to finish the sentence he'd been saying for days.

"I know, son, but you're not making much progress going about it, are you?" There was a hint of laughter in his voice, but Alex knew not to play on it. "Alright, go to your room. I'll see you at dinner."

With a tiny sigh that only the manservant behind him heard, Prince Alexander strode out of the room with quite the annoyed look on his face.

Being royalty sucked.

^ _ ^

Alone in his room once more, Alex stared at the ceiling, ideas rolling around in his head. He could just run away, but that wouldn't get him very far. He'd never ventured out of his palace, fearing what would happen if he was left on his own.

But then again, he might make it, with a little help. There were a few people he could trust, men who would put down their work and follow him to... to freedom.

Alex sat up, biting his lip in indecision. He heaved a great sigh and straightened his back, then jumped up out of bed to start packing.

^ _ ^

"Milord, are you sure?"

Alex raised his eyebrow, and Chris laughed easily in return, shaking his head. "Of course you're sure, and so am I." The two men clasped forearms, and then the stableboy came in, and the two broke away. No one could know that the prince was on such close terms with the horse master, never mind the fact that they were of relative ages.

They'd been pals since they were children, Chris being an orphan and taken on as a stableboy, and he'd always saddle Alex's horse. They were also riding companions in their younger teen years, though none would ever look at them and see friends.

"Master, were ye needin' yer horse tended to?" the lad asked. The prince nodded curtly, keeping the smile off his face. He looked at Chris with a smile.

"You'll be saddling your own horse I presume?" he asked. Chris grinned, finishing tightening his stirs within moments. He ended with a flourish.


^ _ ^

"I'm getting out of here if it's the last thing I do!" she slammed the door shut, leaving the calm faces of her parents behind her. No matter what she did, or what tantrum she threw, they didn't move a muscle to stop her. And now, she was going to prove to them just what she could do.

She huffed past a maid carrying laundry, and the woman cast a furtive glance at her before hurrying away. Kate continued in her stomping, until she finally reached her room.

It was nothing out of the ordinary for a farmer's daughter, for no matter how much her parents spoiled her, she didn't want material things. She wanted to get out and have an adventure, that's all. But it was the one thing that her parents wouldn't let her do.

"Ha!" she laughed as she hastily threw clothes and food she'd nicked from the pantry into a saddlebag. She wrapped a cloak around her, then climbed out her window and ran to the stables.

It was night, and there was no one around. She walked slowly through the stable, petting each horse in turn. This was what she loved. The horses and the ponies, and all the other livestock for that matter. They were her life.

When she left, perhaps she could become a stable hand or some other such worker. As long as she was with animals, she was fine.

Finally she reached her own horse, a beautiful strawberry roan she'd dubbed Crown for the way she'd pranced like princess the day they bought her. Carefully, knowing that she had all the time in the world, she combed Crown's coat and saddled her up, then leapt onto her horse.

With a gentle nudge and a click, they sped out the stables and silently head out into the night.


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