An outlet for authority
Bleeding at the hands of a relative majority
Nothing left to live for, too much bile to die
I have to self-destruct and should people ask why
I'll tell them straight, I'll tell them true
I'll tell them just like I told you
There's a time for being happy and a time for being sad
There's no time to find distinctions between the good and bad
Don't talk about your simple hopelessness, trust
Only in the goodness of eternal rust
The trappings of insanity are too great to let them go
But the "everyman" normality is not what I wish to know
I'll dissolve in fire-fright
I'll walk along, I'll see the light
I'll find the blackened system-shock
I'll wait, infirm, steady as a rock
In my disbelief
Disillusion and grief
Trouble and dead men roaming the streets
Looking for a quick fix, someone else to beat
There's no glory in victory, there's no reason to hope
And the young Italian punks are still screaming 'Fuck the Pope!'
Oh leave the poor men running, they fly without a care
And when they want a hideout, they crawl into your lair
And you are all the people
Living for today
You are that church steeple
That was so bright in May
And when this winter strikes you
You'll find out where to go
And when you fall, there's still two
Sides to the argument