I rewrote my history
Living, smiling misery
The bleeding morsels of my face
Still can grin through my disgrace
And Athens lives and dies stone dead
In the charred, twisted remnants of my head
Enjoying my vasectomy
Thinking of a mastectomy
In pain
This semi-covered mark, I am a stain
The blood is pouring
I spent all night whoring
My body is polluted
Karma Sutra, convoluted
In my semi-slut exposure
Always keeping my composure
I'm leaning not sitting
Promise that I'm shitting
Wherever I please
I'll spread my disease
In a semi-spread of joy
I told you I'm not a toy
So just fuck me
Keep on fucking me 'til I bleed
You take root and I'll spread my seed
The route of hurt
Down in the dirt
Down in the dark
And I'm dead
Wish I was dead
Empty space
The bleeding morsel of my face
Barely living, smiling, misery
I can't rewrite my history