Embalming fluid can't taste nice
I told you once, you told me twice
Read my mind as I try to retch blood
Stamp my name on the crimson flood
Guilt is an emotion much like sleep
It has nothing to do with this strong urge to weep
Wipe me out and rub me down
I don't even have the time to frown
Your "depression" only makes me laugh
Our love once was hot, now the cold draught
Rips my guts out to ease my pain
If I didn't have this conscience then I wouldn't need a brain
I really want to love you but there's nothing anymore
I'd murder you rather than see you as a whore
I feel so fucking awful, selfishness in its prime
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme
Won't fix this bleeding heart
Don't you even start
Because you fought the fire inside
You shattered me and gave me pride
I'd pay your money if you'd leave me alone
There's nothing left where once we made sweet moan
If you want to destroy my sense of truth
You're going the right way about it.