Beacon of Darkness

Upon the planet of Patina and off the edge of Lucre there was a miniscule town called Lyzner. In the ruts of Lyzner stood the Saint Aurelius Orphanage. It loomed under the fog that bleak December morning.

Falcon woke to the misty grayness before dawn. The last hours with his best friend would soon be gone. For a moment the young boy sat in stillness. With a sigh, he looked enviously at Kiyoshi. Every child wished they could be adopted; they all wanted love. Kiyoshi would be getting what he deserved: loving parents. Falcon, however, would miss his best friend.

Falcon silently tiptoed across the room. The door creaked as he stepped outside. He sat down on the cold cement steps. From his sapphire eyes he looked to the sky. Within their gem-like glow the stars were laid out before him. The tiny pinpoints of light illuminated the jet black sky. His eyes filled with wonder as a map appeared in front of him. Soon the dark clouds rolled in, and a pure blanket fell upon the young boy. His eyelids became dense; the snow made his heart at ease. Before his eyelids closed, he saw a shooting star.

"I wish," Falcon murmured, "my best friend would stay here with me."

The morning sun beamed through the cotton-ball clouds. A thin layer of snow covered the child's skin. With a yawn the boy sat up. Within seconds he heard a noise coming from the small tree next to the steps. A girl, younger than Falcon, stood before him. By the stare of her piercing eyes, he ran inside.

Falcon rushed into the room and ran into Miss Katrina.

"Falcon, where have you been? You know you should stay in here!" His care-taker scolded him.

"I'm sorry, Miss Katrina. I didn't mean to worry you." He stared at his feet. "There's a little girl outside the orphanage."

"Stay here. Don't move a muscle!" She hurried outside, leaving the orphans alone.

Falcon looked around the room. The children were getting up. Falcon looked to where Kiyoshi was. His face was happy. He merrily threw all his belongings into his bag. Kiyoshi beamed as he turned around. His smile quickly faded once he saw Falcon's face.

"Falcon, are you okay?" Kiyoshi asked in his quiet voice.

"I'm gonna miss you, Kiyoshi."

"Me too... But you'll be okay without me. I know it." Kiyoshi patted Falcon on the head.

A man and woman walked through the door with a representative of Lyzner. "Little Kiyoshi is right over there."

Kiyoshi could no longer contain his happiness. He was about to have a family there for him.

"Hi, Kiyoshi. I'm your new Mom." The woman stooped down to his height and shook his hand. "Shall we go?"

Kiyoshi fiercely nodded his head and grabbed her held out hand as the man grabbed his bag. "Bye, Falcon. I'll come and visit, okay?"

"Mmkay. Bye." Falcon watched Kiyoshi disappear from his life with a close of the door.

Falcon just stood there dumbfounded. Kiyoshi was like an older brother; it was surreal for him to be gone.

Children walked to breakfast.. Falcon was still. He couldn't move. He didn't breathe. He stared at the closed door. The children left. He was still waiting. The door opened. Miss Katrina walked in carrying the girl.

"Falcon, sweetie, will you bring her to the Nurse Merriam? She passed out when I came near her."

Falcon jumped from his position of suspended animation and took the girl from his caretaker. She was lighter than expected.

"Thanks. I need to file the adoption papers in town hall. I'll be back in an hour. If you'd tell the other children, that'd be lovely." Miss Katrina was out the door.

Falcon trudged along towards Nurse Merriam's quarters.

He decided to examine her more closely. Her hair had a silky-smooth feel to it, yet there was a jagged line where the hair abruptly stopped; it was black with medium thickness. Her skin was pale, yet also smooth; it had an eerie warmth to it. Her eyes were closed, but he remembered those piercing dark, almost black, eyes of hers. Looking at her eyes now, he saw thick, long lashes.

The door to the nurse's office came into sight quickly, and his evaluation soon ended. Falcon gently set her down, as he opened the door.

"Nurse Merriam, this girl fainted right outside of the building. Miss Katrina asked me to bring her to you." Falcon spilled out.

"Thank you, child," the new nurse murmured. "If you could please place her down on the empty bed in the corner, that'd be wonderful."

After one final glance at the young girl, Falcon set her down and went with the other children.

The day hazily passed; Falcon couldn't escape Kiyoshi's absence. Distractions didn't take him away from his loneliness. As the day grew, his hope of Kiyoshi popping through the door and yelling 'Gotcha!' had faded to nothingness.

Once evening came, Miss Katrina had returned to the orphanage. She ate supper with the children then checked on the girl in the back of the room; Falcon's mind wandered back to her. Everything about her scared her; especially her eyes; they burned inside of his mind like a nightmare. The girl was a force that he could not understand.

Nighttime fell over the small town. Falcon couldn't help but notice Kiyoshi's empty bed. Once he heard the sound of deep sleep from the others, he wept. It had been many years since he'd felt so alone. His tired body finally rested; he did not dream.

When he woke, Kiyoshi's bed was filled. Kiyoshi, however, was not in it. Smooth skin and dark hair filled its place. The sense of survival pulsated around her. Her senses were on overdrive and adrenaline pumped through her small body. Falcon was afraid and couldn't move. It was only them. Her focus and intensity sent shivers down his spine. He wondered who was to move first. After what seemed like eternity, she got off of Kiyoshi's bed and bowed. Falcon looked at her in utter shock. Although she was nightmarish to him, she could only be about five or so. Falcon was hardly seven and he was shocked she would bow to him. He mimicked her gesture.

Falcon could sense something coming from her. It was greater than the adrenaline pulsing through her veins or her survival state of mind. She knew something; she was almost divine. There was something dashingly incomprehensible about her that sent such horror through his heart. No child should be burdened with such knowledge at the early age of five.

Through their simple communication of a formal bow, Falcon earned her friendship and learned her name: Kome. In order to keep such a powerful thing, such as a name, safe, he called her Dagger because her eyes pierced like daggers. Their friendship continued to ease closer over the years; she secretly taught him her native tongue while he taught her how to communicate. She seldom talked, yet when she did, it was beautiful. The words were magic upon her tongue. She was completely brilliant, and he admired that. He taught her how to handle herself around people. The crowds of people seemed to scare her more than anything. She had fought off small beasts running around the yard, but she could barely handle herself around more than twenty people. Falcon had complete patience with her and created trust. Once their friendship had blossomed, he told her his name: Himon.

Life continued on in this manner until he turned fourteen. It was time for him to go to Cardinal Prime. It laid in the heart of Lucre. She was only twelve and was underage to go to the military academy. Miss Katrina foresaw their friendship falling apart as a result, so she pulled a few strings and let the bright girl attend along side her best friend.

This is a story of Falcon and Dagger. Their friendship. Their life. Their love. Their triumphs. Their failures. But, most importantly, their love.