His P.O.V.---

Do you love me?
I know you do
I need unpredictable
Not like you

I need to be free
Make my own choice
Make my mistakes
Find my own voice

I keep on changing
You never are happy
No matter what I do
I can't seem to please

Are you satisfied now?
This is what I am
This is my life now
Cursed and damned

You don't control me
You ain't my mother
You're something much more
You're my lover

Even when we fight
And you make that face
It's so adorable
Make me forget mistakes

I love when we're sleeping
To listen to your heart beat
Blood keeps flowing
And I'm at ease

I love the way you smile
And laugh at things I do
How was I so lucky?
I don't deserve you

I love you
You who speaks
"I love you,
Do you love me?"