The Day She Died
The day she died
was the day all
the flowers wilted.
The sky seemed
to fall upon souls
who carry a heavy
The birds ceased
to sing, for they
have nothing to
glee over.
The day she died
The sun failed
to warm upon
the faces of her loved ones.
The stars shimmer
dimmed with each
mourner that passed.
It seemed happiness
would never reign again.
The day she died
time stopped and
all emotion was bare-
glee, sorrow, guilt, and forgiveness
all surrounded their hearts'
wishes to her.
Once time moves
forward, the moving
of the crowd goes on.
Never did one stop
to think what was
the cause that took her
away from this mortal
The day she died
was a day like
any other.
No one could have
predicted when
she was smiling
and laughing, that soon her time
was to end.
But then comes the inhumane person who decides
to part her life.
The day she died
was the day he
whispered goodbye.