Hold me here until you reach your answer

Penetrating rain cloud eyes make me stay

Only you are my dark fantasy

Fantasy is the only place I know myself

I feel the softness of your dark curls

No one ever has to know

They can't make me look away

Whisper everything I want to hear

Tomorrow those words will melt with my tears

Now I have no time to care

Tears freeze inside me, my mind ceases to think

You always told me I think too much

That's why I so fear your touch

You'll always love me, just to make me stay

If only every word was real

If only I didn't have to wake in hateful times

Where you could never love me

Even if you were real as my demise

Dreams don't factor the pain we'd know

If we wound up in one another's world

In my dreams, you never speak his name

Or of the piercing names they call us

There is no boy, no label

Only us, only dreams, only love

I've always loved a fantasy

And wished that somehow you could humor me

Humor me by being real