The true awakening has come
from people you'll never be,
Exposing each secret and lie
you've kept hidden from me.
Should I forget?
Could I forgive?
Would I surrender to your trap
that you weaved for me again?
Deep down you know
I'm your favorite nightmare
the one you endure each dream,
and silent tears stream down your cheek
and is absorbed into your nothingness.
Twist and turn,
there's no help for you,
suffocating in ignorance,
you strive to break free.
Eyelids pry open.
Shut tight again,
you can't believe
it, it can't be true.
Crimson pooled into harsh reality,
Wasting away now.
Cry for help,
you've burned all your bridges
but are trapped in the flames.
You drift away
through the wind
from nowhere
to wherever.
Shattered like the bottle
from the fight the night before,
running from your devils,
there's nowhere to go.
Don't you wish you'd been better now?
Don't you wish you wouldn't drown?
Don't you wish you could redeem yourself?
Don't you wish it wasn't too late now?
Now you plan to buy this place
and start the fire
and stand till you've filled
all your heart's desire.
This is the end of your story,
without a doubt,
so 46 bars later,
this freshman is out.