How is it that your tragedies become other people's 'disappointment?'
Your idealism 'naivety' and 'innocence?'
Because I don't feel 'disappointed' or 'naïve' and 'innocent.'
I feel harassed by life. I feel I've seen too much.

You ever feel like they don't understand you?
That somehow they think you're too young to understand?
And then they want to beat that understanding into you, and crush all hope that's left
Because they don't know all that already plagues you.

They don't see the pain in your haunted young eyes.
All they see is their experiences, their so-called wisdom.
A wisdom that merely accepts the harsh reality for what it is
And doesn't advocate change.

A world of winners and losers.
A world that sucks.
A world that I don't want to be a part of
But I seem to have very little choice.

Society is stagnant
Fixed in place around some sort of warped value system.
It needs to be wiped clean
Like the waters of Noah's Flood wiped clean the Earth.

But no annhiliation, please!
Not of people
But of this hellish life we live.
This life where people are 'winners' and 'losers' and that is a harsh fact.
A life that needs to be changed.