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Summary: Hikaru Kuromeru is a relentless vampire haunted by the memories of her past the night her sire blooded her and left. Her partner and greatest friend, Sela Berica, is her only consolation and link to the present. Caught in the midst of a battle an arrogant enemy had begun, Hikaru will learn more about herself than she ever bargained for, and the game has only just started. For a night that happened over five hundred years ago, her past will rapidly slither its way into the present by means of a masked stranger who knows far more than he's letting on. Watch as a simple grudge between enemies becomes a bloodbath to rise to number one in power. Tales of the night in all its mystery and deception.

Rated: PG-13, for violence and mild and/or slight explicit language.

"The key to any game is to use your strengths and hide your weaknesses."
- Paul Westphal

Part I: Entering the Daylight

Chapter One: The Battle

The sky and the surrounding area were in the deep darkness of night. Loud shrills of slow moving winds made the trees sway wildly in their own secret dance as two females of the underworld walked down the narrow path of pavement. Tonight the sky was in a void of no stars, the moon hidden behind the trees of the forest, casting an eerie appearance for all to see. Swirls of dark clouds were scattered across the endless canvas of the night sky. The river at the edge of town beside the forest was painted black from the darkness, the moonlight shining down upon the surface through cracks in the trees like small, flawless diamonds sparkling like stars from the sky. The street seemed completely deserted and deadly silent at this time of hour when the winds died down. Not one sound was heard except for the silent whisper of the night, calling out to all of its children who might be listening.

Walking along the right side of the road was the shrewd vampire, Hikaru Kuromeru. At 531 years of age, she was at an impressive height of five foot ten inches with pure black hair that fell to her waist like an elegant curtain of silk. Her smooth, pale skin tone reflected the face of death when the moonlight caressed upon its surface. A one inch thick piece of black cloth covered her neck as a choker. A pair of black leather fingerless gloves adorned her hands, her long fingers showing off her sharp, claw-like nails. Her long cloak, which stopped a good inch above the ground, lifted and billowed in the rhythm of the air behind her, revealing skintight leather pants and a simple black top. The tautness of her outfit suited her perfectly as it made her move swifter in battle, Hikaru thought. Also taking into account, she knew her solid black clothing made her blend in with the night as she wanted. The only actual color on herself was her deep eyes, the same shade as a blazing emerald gem. She had a forever youthful appearance, and only the wisdom within her eyes told the story of an old soul. Glancing to her left, she exchanged a small conversation with her partner and old comrade.

The seductive demon, Sela Berica, was older by six years and also about a good three inches shorter than her partner. With hair that stopped at her upper back, her fair skin made her hair look a dark golden blonde. Her metallic violet eyes, which seemed to glow like a cat's at night, made her stand out in immense darkness. Full of color, she wore a long, elegant turquoise gown with matching heels, her dress clinging to herself in the right angles as to compliment the fine curves of her body. Yes, she even wore that attire in battle, which is rather surprising. And as Hikaru would put it simply, a bit strange. She had yet to figure out how such a dress could be functional in combat. On the other hand, one thing that Hikaru learned the hard way was never to argue with Sela over her clothing. Both were gorgeous females without a doubt but possessing different dark and exotic characteristics from each other, their style from opposite ends of demeanor.

They stopped in front of a set of great, dark toned double doors with ancient gothic designs carved across the wood in displays of intricate patterns. Held in place by bars of solid black metal, a sign stood tall above the building, flashing in lurid crimson letters of a sharp font reading 'The Vetala.' Known for the guests and mainly the events that seemed to take place on a regular basis, The Vetala was easily the city's most popular demonic nightclub that was known to only a few humans at most. Inside, the floors were black marble tile with subtle swirls of white, and the furniture was mainly black with traces of color here and there. The bar, an impressive length aligned with the side wall, was made of a black hued marble with a greenish tint to it. Looking up, the ceiling seemed to be a few shades deeper than the walls. Hanging from the ceiling were the unique, wild colors of the lighting work that seemed to fit well with the booming music in the club. The club looked like any other underground demonic nightclub, but unlike the others, this one held an unexplainable, dark and dangerous feel to the atmosphere that sparked a demon's interest.

Sitting in chairs near the bar, the duo asked the bartender for their usual orders. Hikaru was served a glass of a thick red substance while Sela favored a glass of good wine. Taking a long sip, Hikaru scanned the faces around the place. She turned her head to say something to Sela only to find she was already in the crowd talking to a few of her many male associates. Chuckling silently and shaking her head slightly, she finished her glass and set it down on the bar counter, leaving a few coins next to the empty glass. She stood, making her way through the crowd. She stopped at a corner of the club and leaned against the wall, basking in the shadows and waiting for an old acquaintance to arrive with information she had been waiting to receive for many nights. She drifted off into thought but the chain was broken by a tap on her shoulder. Her eyes narrowed as the wind faintly stirred, and her enemy appeared in front of her from a blast of wind. His dark pair of golden eyes watched her closely in his quiet examination, an air of cockiness clinging tightly to him.

"What are you doing here?" Hikaru asked contemptuously, breaking the silence.

He kept quiet, his haughty smile appearing on his pale face.

Sensing waves of tension nearby, Sela turned her head in all directions and scanned around the crowd, looking for her partner. She soon spotted Hikaru in the dark corner of the club confronting with an enemy. They did have many adversaries, but this demon was the most bothersome. An absolute asshole, if you will.

Damn, why does it always have to be Drake that ruins our night? Sela thought to herself as she materialized in thin air by Hikaru's side the next moment.

"Ah, Sela, how nice it is to see you," murmured the demon.

"Go away, dog boy. Go bite someone else's ass," whispered Hikaru with the slightest hint of annoyance.

"Why don't you go back to Hell and leave us alone?" Sela hissed in response.

"Aww, is that the welcome I get tonight?" Drake purred as he raised a long hand, brushing it across Sela's cheek in one slow, cold motion.

"Don't touch me," she said in an icy voice, gripping his wrist firmly. With a twist of his arm, Sela threw him over her, sending him flying straight into the wall.

The club suddenly became shrouded with silence from the noisy collision. All of the demons cleared the area and enclosed the three within a big circle, watching the beginning of what everyone thought to be the first fight of the night. A few whispers passed through the crowd followed by another silence.

Drake straightened up and chuckled. "You two ladies want to fight me?"

"You're damn right!" spat Hikaru.

"Good," he smirked simply in reply. His dark golden eyes began to glow brightly as he began to morph into his wolf form. He went down on all fours as deep silver fur slowly spread throughout his body, and his muscles bulged and grew in size. A loud ripping sound was heard as his clothes were torn away from his body when his bone structure began to rearrange itself, and wolf features started to take control. His legs and arms elongated as well as his teeth as they sharpened. A deep growl escaped his throat when the transformation was complete followed by the deadly echo.

The wolf took his time walking in circles around the female duo. Trying to catch one or the other off guard, he lunged towards the two. Reacting quickly, Sela threw her shawl aside and grasped a hold of her daggers, one in each hand. However, Drake moved faster. He sent the daggers flying right out of her hands with the force of his massive paws. The large wolf easily pinned Sela against the wall with greater speed than usual, leaving Hikaru caught in a temporary stunned manner. Sliding his paw down Sela's arm, he sliced open the smooth flesh painfully slow.

The fresh scent of blood in the air seemed to bring Hikaru back into action. In one quick moment, she let her cloak fall silently to the ground and clutched the hilt of her sword, pulling the lengthy blade away from the dark sheath. She made two clean slashes in the air before going into one of her fighting stances. The wolf demon turned his attention to the sword-wielding vampire, letting Sela fall to the ground. His haughty grin even appeared to be visible in wolf form. The dark-haired woman brought her sword forward, shoving it towards the wolf's torso. The demon made an effort to dodge the blade but was not fast enough for the blade made a broad gash across his stomach. Not giving him any time for a reaction, Hikaru swung her sword around and aimed at his heart. A few inches away from the sword's target, the wolf grabbed the blade with his razor-sharp teeth. The wolf made a low growling sound as he bit down hard into the middle of the blade. He clenched his teeth tighter still until the blade finally broke in half. The rest of the sword was knocked out of the vampire's hand with a swift motion of the wolf's extensive tail.

"...?!" Hikaru was at a loss for words. Her eyes, though, gave the impression that anger was rapidly building up inside her.

The wolf howled mockingly and turned his attention back to where Sela was last only to see the ground bare. A growl of annoyance escaped his throat as he looked about, trying to locate the demon.

"Looking for me?" the blonde-haired woman teased aloud from behind the wolf. Just when Drake began to turn around, Sela outstretched her right hand, throwing the demon back with a blast of mental energy that escaped through a concentrated point in the palm of her hand. He collided straight into some of the demons that were towards the back of the audience, causing curses and more conversing from the crowd.

The duo scanned through the sea of spectators afterwards to find no wolf in sight. Moments following, Hikaru felt a pain followed by the feel of her own blood, flowing freely down the left side of her body. It did not take the vampire long to see that Drake had dug his large claw into her side. The dark-haired woman growled and then shouted in pain as the claw made its way down her leg, tearing away flesh and bone in its path. In a moment caught between anger and desperation, Hikaru abruptly felt a strange and unknown sensation spread throughout her body, quickening the speed of her pulse. A piece of undiscovered territory within the depths of her being, her soul unknowingly reaching out to explore its meaning. She stared into the arrogant eyes of the wolf as her own changed their hue to a dark crimson. Her pupils shrank and vanished, leaving behind only two dark red abysses in their place. The air suddenly became filled with heat as the wolf was engulfed in dark flames. The wolf cried out as he rolled around the ground frenetically until the flames ceased, leaving burn marks throughout his body.

The wolf growled and started to foam at the mouth. He took off and charged madly towards the blonde-haired woman, knocking her to the ground with a loud thud. His anger had gotten the best of him and any mercy he had, had vanished away in the blink of an eye. Blinded by his anger had caused him to start fighting wildly and foolishly. The wolf brought his lethal paws forward, slashing and scratching away at Sela's body almost in an insane manner. She struggled and yelled out at the beginning of pain but could not break free.

Hikaru watched in horrid disappointment at seeing how fast Drake could lose all of his common sense. She limped a step forward and felt a cold piece of metal touching her feet. She looked down and to her advantage, she found that she was stepping on one of her partner's daggers. The vampire grasped the dagger so firmly into her hand that her nails were nearly digging into her skin. Before was all just fun and games but now the game had changed. The battle was getting personal now, the second that Drake had begun to act recklessly. The next moment, the wolf did not even know what hit him. Hikaru had taken the dagger and swung the blade forward, aiming at the wolf's heart and making the bull's eye with a full thrust. A strange sound escaped his throat as if he was too prideful to scream his last breath, and then fell limply to the ground on his side.

The vampire made a sigh of relief as she tossed the dagger to the ground. She outstretched her hand, helping Sela regain her balance on her feet.

"I'm glad that's over," the blonde-haired woman told her partner, but she did not know just how wrong she was.

Gasps and whispers of uncertainty and panic filled the air as a few of the spectators gazed down upon the dead corpse. A pool of blood stained the ground around the demon, which had formed into a clear and familiar symbol: the single letter M in which the dagger of the Majia clan struck into the middle of it. This was the symbol of the most known demon slayer, Akeyla Majia. This slayer devoted all of her time picking out demons that caught her attention, usually ones who killed mortals and brought chaos into the world, not resting until they were dead. All the demons exchanged looks of worry and a common annoyance against this slayer before returning to what they were doing, leaving the two females alone.

"It was all a trap! The traitor went to the best damn demon slayer in town for help and was marked as her territory so that when we killed him, she'd hunt us down! Wow...I guess he really did hate us if he'd sign his own death wish to assure that we'd be killed, but then again, he'd...become...a...legend...Hikaru...?" she slowly became silent as she saw the anger in her partner.

"I can't believe he'd deceive us like that! Blasphemy! I should have seen could I have been so stupid?!" was the vampire's response as her fist made powerful contact with the wall nearest to her, letting cracks spread throughout it until it came crumbling down into rubble. An assortment of small noises was heard as all heads turned slowly in Hikaru's direction.

Hikaru made no acknowledgement to anyone. She tucked her long cloak under her right arm and grabbed her sword, sheathing the broken blade. She spared her audience one quick glare and the next moment, she was gone.

Sela sighed deeply as she retrieved her pair of daggers and scarlet shawl. She felt every eye in the room shift to her.

Looking from side to side, she finally yelled, "What are you all staring at?!"

The audience hastily looked away, and the room was once again filled with voices, as it was when the duo had first entered.

The blonde-haired demon shook her head from mixed emotions and finally teleported after her friend. She walked down the halls of Hikaru's quaint home and just past a pair of glass doors was the mysterious beauty, leaning against the railing of her moonlit balcony.

Sela smiled softly, opening the transparent doors and walking into the open air of the second-story balcony. The double doors were shut without a sound as the blonde-haired woman walked a few steps forward. Standing closely next to her friend, she rested her arms on top of the cool railing and remained motionless for a few moments.

"I know we can't vanquish the slayer in our current condition, but I have plan," the demon announced.

"You have my undivided attention," replied the vampire simply, shifting her position to look at her.

"Ok. So, I was thinking we could travel through Morpheus Forest and search for the Gateway of Magic and get special training from the gatekeeper. Then we would be well prepared," suggested the demon.

"I was thinking about that too for a moment, but there's a few problems with that plan. First, rarely anyone ever finds that place. Some say you can only reach the gateway if your destiny is somehow linked to that place. Second, legend has it that the gateway can only be reached in daylight. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that's a problem for me. And finally, I doubt the gatekeeper gives out training to anyone who asks," said the vampire pessimistically.

"I'll dismiss all of those statements except for one. For you to have the ability to walk around in broad daylight, let's just say that we'll have to bend the rules a bit. I have connections with a witch so I'm going to speak with her in the morning and ask her if there's anything she can do to help us. Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll only be temporary. Anyways, just be at my house at midnight tomorrow. I'm going to get a few hours of sleep now so I'll see you then," Sela told her friend.

"We'll find a way to get through this. We always do," replied Hikaru, mainly thinking aloud to reassure herself. The dark-haired vampire washed her doubts away with a sigh just as her full lips formed a faint smirk across her features.

The blonde-haired woman let out a few moments of chuckling in agreement. She turned to her side, giving her friend a small hug. The demon then vanished into the night, leaving her partner alone to gaze upon the midnight horizon of the secluded town.