A. Clewis
Eng 285
Assignment 3a

A natural cleaner
Rain is the glass cleaner of our souls.
Washing over us to clean the gloom,
Kissing the tears from our eyes,
Allowing the sadness in us to fly
Merrily down the street
To find some new victims to torment.
Watering the plants,
That we neglect in the garden.
Streaking across the windows,
To form luxurious pools
For lizards to drink from.
It splashes in our new eyes,
To allow us to see the rainbow
Of the future that will soon be.
When the sun comes up.
Melting those who think
They belong in Oz,
And are evil souls.
Rolling off the backs of those
Known as Ducks.
A slang term for a guy,
Which is approiate as towards there
Attitude about the rain.
It causes those weak in heart
To run inside,
Grabbing a book to cuddle into.
Lightning and Thunder
Have nothing to do with the bath.
They are just uninvited participants
Like a serial bather,
Playing delightfully with the rubber ducky
Floating on mountains of bubbles.
The rain is the home owner that walks in on them.
They are a necessary nuisance,
A necessary reminder.
So, as we do not become raisens,
Shivering up
To forget there is a new day