A. Clewis
Eng 285
Assignment 3 b

Toaster's dream
Toaster wanted to take the Griffen's wings
Place them on his shiny back,
And fly into outer space.
He couldn't for the longest time,
Being plugged to the wall,
But one thing,
Wishing there was a fire, he burned through his leash.
He stole Griffen's wings.
It was nice to be free,
No more being yelled at for burning the toast,
-Or- looking like a giant mail slot.
He no longer had to appease the bread population,
Sending their secret messages.
He no longer had to do anything he didn't want to.
He was free to become a Russian cosmonaut,
And drink vodka if he chose.
He decides to fly to California instead,
To become a toaster monk,
One who makes wine and cheese.
Drinking all the wine he wants.
Maybe that is too silent for him though.
He wants a job that is loud.
Now, that he has wing it doesn't matter,
He could be a spy for the Brits,
A dagger in the dark,
Himself not needing a weapon,
If the KGB gets too crazy wack them over the head.
He could be a locust dancing on Carnegie Stage.
Maybe he will be a vampire rock star instead,
Promting a non existent album whereever they go.
People will pay him money for advanced copies.
That sounds like a fun idea.
He would be the Winged Burned.
So, go pre-order his album.
It will certainly be good.