13th March, 1986 3:00pm Outside of Las Vegas Nevada

Andrew Richards sits cross-legged on the soft dirty blue rug in his small one bedroom department. A book about Nevada History is spread across his lap. He is not really reading it though. He is sitting with his eyes closed; his head slightly tilted contemplating what life will be like in June. In June he will be finished with his last two classes at Nevada University, and he will be done with his internship with the Las Vegas police department.
He doesn't want June to be so soon. His internship coordinator has already told him that he will probably be accepted into the police department with LVPD, and so have several other people in the department. They like his work. Andrew is not sure if he really wants to be a police officer though. He has never really been able to picture himself in a police uniform. His dad has almost his whole life though.
A soft sigh escapes his lips gently. He sets his head upright and looks around the room. He feels like he lives in a shell sometimes. He isn't sure who he really is supposed to be. His whole life he has been whatever anyone else wanted him to be.
His phone rings, he hopes it isn't Cindy. Cindy Stallings is supposed to be his girlfriend. She is just someone that a friend set him up with, because she is infatuated with him. He doesn't know how to tell Cindy, he doesn't really like her. Well, he doesn't think he likes her. She is a bit on the annoying side. She is also very shallow, always demanding things from him, and never giving back in return. She is only a junior, and it irks him, that she acts as if he might stay in Nevada and wait for her to graduate. He is thinking he may not take the job with the LVPD, if offered, and go somewhere colder. He has lived in desert states all his life, and he feels its time for a change.
He has also been thinking of changing his name, and the way he comes across to people. He is tired of people telling him what he should do, and how he should act. Quite frankly he is tired of following the rules of society. He knows if he doesn't though, a lot of people will be disappointed in him.
The phone rings again. He places the book on the floor, and pushes himself up. "I'm coming." He calls to the room, though he is perfectly aware the person on the other end of the phone can't hear him just yet. He walks the short distance to the phone, and picks it up. "Richards?"
"So, that's how you answer the phone now?" He hears a familiar voice comment. He doesn't understand why his sister would be calling, she hardly ever calls. She seems to have less emotion in her voice than she usually does. It could just be him imagining things. It isn't like she ever shows much emotion with him.
"I'm sorry, Stacia, how are you?" He picks up a pencil near where the phone is, and begins doodling on a small pad he keeps on the same table in case he has to write something down. He starts to draw a little monkey's head, waiting for her to respond.
"Mom and Dad are dead." Her voice sounds as if she is breaking the news to a small child, which doesn't surprise Andrew, because she has always talked to him like that. It was what she said that surprised him.
"Mom and Dad are dead; they were killed earlier this morning in a car wreck."
"Why are you just calling me now, why didn't you call me earlier..I...I...I.are you sure?" His voice is very high paced, a million things running through his head. One of them, is she has to be joking. She must be trying an early April fool's joke on him to freak him out.
"ANDY! I'm calling you now, because I know what your schedule is, and yes I am sure." She takes a deep deliberate pause. "Everything is arranged already, I talked to the ombudsperson at your school, and the LVPD before I called you. You have tonight to get your things packed, and in the morning at 8am, go to the airport, there will be a ticket waiting for you."
"H-H-H." He takes a pause; he was going to ask her why she was acting like this wasn't a big deal. She probably is taking it hard; she just doesn't want him to know she is weak. That is probably it. "If, you had called me at work, I could have done all of that myself, I mean it isn't your responsibility.Its mine." He knows what her answer to that will be before she even starts to say it. He writes on the paper. "Andy, you have never shown me."
"Andy, you have never shown me you have been responsible. So, don't even act like I would give you another option to screw things up." She sounds a bit angry.
He picks up the pencil off the paper, and puts it behind his ear, not with the phone up to it. "You know what Stacia, you are mean. I don't see why I put up with you for all these years, and just because you are older, and Mom and Dad died today."
She interrupts him like he knew she would. "Don't start with your attitude, Mister. You always act like I am the villain. Look, you know what, after the funeral, since you are going to be this way to me, and I am sure there is going to be some stupid argument you will start while you are there, I am having nothing to do with you."
He frowns slightly. She never listens; this was what he was going to talk to her about. She has always made threats like this; it has been his parents who made sure she didn't keep them. Now he was sure, she was serious. He thinks for a second of a response, that she would like to hear. His voice softens a little. "Okay, if that is how you want it, how long will I be in phoenix?"
"One week." She says harshly.
"Okay, I will be out of your life in one week, if that is what you want."
"That is what I want. You have no part in my world."
Andrew sighs silently. He doesn't want to again be forced to do something because it is what someone wants. He knows if he doesn't do what she says, she will make his life hell. "I guess I will accept that. And I'll try to stay away from you as much as possible while I am in Phoenix." He glances at his watch, if he wanted to, to spite her, he could pack a few things and drive over there.
"You'll be staying at the house; don't come over to my apartment. You should still have your keys, which you probably have lost. You know where the spares are, Don't Lose them." She hangs up before he can say anything.
He goes back to where he had been sitting on the floor. He sits down again. He places his hand in his hand. He sighs deeply, a few tears streaming down his face. It always seemed he is abandoned in someway. A few tears stream down his face. He shouldn't let people push him around, maybe one day he will be able to stand up to people. Today, unfortunately, is not the day. Though he can do it partially by driving to Phoenix rather than accepting Stacia's plane ticket. But first he has to make some phone calls, he doesn't care if she did it already, it is his responsibility. Regardless of what she thinks, he is responsible, and if she is going to spite him, by letting others know first before he does, he is going to back-check on her, so it seems that she is not dependable. Which though she claims she may be, she has never proven that to him.