Stranger in the Night
Where is that beautiful stranger that I need
To watch over me, making sure all is well.
Where is that person who is suppose to be
My better half.
Floating away,
Rowing away,
Running away
As fast as he can.
He doesn't know I need him,
To wipe the tears away,
To talk to me.
My books don't help me.
My prayers don't help me.
I feel lost.
Too many people have stolen pieces of my heart.
I am empty.
Oh, I meet people I think like me.
They don't have time for me.
They can't put up with me.
They are busy, they don't like me,
They are gay, they need to find themselves,
They have no money, and no patience,
They are jerks, they are with someone else.
Someone other than me.
And I can't be with them.
No one wants me.
Where is the stranger in the night?
The man with his shinning armour on his horse?
Why can't I find him,
And if I do, why can't I have him.
Problems, that is the problem.
They all have other problems,
And it can't be me.
This one tells me,
Not now, if it were another time.
How can I believe him.
The voices in my head deceive me.
He is lying they say.
He doesn't love you,
Or like you,
Or care.
You are annoying.
Leave him alone.
We are suppose to pick people like our parents
Does that mean my stranger died,
So now, I can never meet him,
But do I trust anyone.
If they hug me,
If they love me,
If they are that stranger?
I don't know.
It is scary,
I want to try.
No one will touch me though,
I am a crazy person,
I am probably uncaring,
I don't need hugs now in then.
I should just be left alone.
Tears running down my face,
For something that will never come.