Fighting through emotion
Happiness a fading glimmer of something
I see it on the horizon
begging me to take it.
telling me that I should accept it.
I find it hard though.
I want to be happy.
I don't want to mope around.
I seem to go about it the right way.
I feel lost,
My map to happiness was crushed
under the weight of my sorrows.
I wish I can smooth it out
But the pages have begin to fall apart
and crumble.
I have to find my way there though,
I will forge my own path I think,
cut down the trees of hatred,
sorrow, depression, worry.
I will pray that God will keep me safe on my journey,
and I have no doubt he will.
Maybe tomorrow I won't be happy,
But one day I will emerge from the jungle,
Into the light,
And remaining in the clearing the rest of my days.