a/n:  Hey!  This is the prequel to A Contrast Between Two Worlds.  It's the story of Kyra Mioni up until she enters the forest.  I hope you enjoy it and don't forget to review.

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                There was a loud screech as the tires of the little Taurus made a sharp turn.  Many people jumped away from the road, farther back onto the sidewalks as the car sped past.  Some of them were in costume in celebration of Halloween.

                The woman at the wheel pushed her glasses nervously up her nose, glancing at her friend in the passenger seat.  "We're almost there Mia, hold on," she said, looking back at the road.  The full moon illuminated the streets as the car raced towards the hospital.

                Amelia Mioni groaned as she laid her hands on her large stomach.  Her breathing was frantic from labor and her friend's driving wasn't helping her situation any.  "Carla… be careful…  I'd like to live to see my daughter's face…" she panted, glancing at the driver.

                Carla nodded, her eyes wide with panic.  "R-right," she said.  "Oh my god…"  She turned another corner, jerking Amelia into the door.  "I'm sorry!"

                "Calm down… you're not the one in labor…" Amelia moaned.

                "I know, I know," Carla said, pulling into the hospital parking lot.  She shut off the car immediately and got out of the car, stumbling slightly.  Running around the car, she pulled Amelia's door open and helped her out.  They walked to the door of the hospital, Carla supporting her friend.

                The second they pushed the door open, Carla shouted, "Delivery!  We need some help!"  Shortly, nurses were hurrying towards them; more yells for help echoing through the room.  Amelia was put on a stretcher and wheeled down a corridor, Carla trying to keep up alongside.

                "Are you okay?  I'm right here!" she called, beginning to fall behind.

                "I'm fine… it'll be over in a little while…" Amelia replied.  She gave a small wave as she disappeared into a room.

                "I'll be right in the… lobby…" Carla said, staring after her friend for a moment.  With a sigh, she turned and headed back into the lobby.  As she sat down, she brushed her crimson hair out of her face.  Her bangs stuck to her sweaty forehead and she had to peel them off.  She had never seen anyone go into labor before and though she knew it shouldn't have scared her, it did.  It should have occurred to her that Amelia would be used to delivery, this would be her third child.

                She picked up a magazine and opened it, though she wasn't able to concentrate on it.  Jack should be here with his wife, but neither Carla nor Amelia knew where he was.  He was probably out drinking, unaware of Amelia's current condition.  How she could deal with Jack's alcoholism was beyond Carla, but she would never say anything.  It wasn't her place.

                With a sigh, she blinked and tried to concentrate on the article she was reading.


In the delivery room, Amelia was straining to push her daughter out.  She could feel the child begin to slide down, but when her contraction ended, she slid back up into her.

"That's okay, you almost had her that time," one of the nurses said, touching her patient's hand.

Amelia didn't have much time to rest before her contractions started again.  Crying out, she pushed as hard as she could, the encouraging words of the nurses only background noise.  Soon, a new sound could be heard.  Crying.  As Amelia struggled to get her breath, she watched the doctor hold up her daughter.

"It's a girl, as promised," he said, handing the child to her mother.  As Amelia took her, the crying began to cease.  The doctor smiled as Amelia did.  "What's her name?" he asked.

Amelia looked up at him, then back down at her daughter.  "Kyra," she said, touching the child's face gently.

A few minutes later, one of the nurses took Kyra in her arms.  "I'm going to take her back and weigh her, all right?"

"Okay," Amelia said, smiling at Kyra.  She handed her slowly to the nurse and watched as she left the room.

As they headed down the hall, the child began to cry again.  The nurse adjusted Kyra in her arms, murmuring words of comfort to her.

"Almost there," the woman said as they entered another room.  She moved to weigh Kyra when the girl's crying stopped suddenly.  The nurse smiled as she turned Kyra's face to hers.  Her smile vanished as the infant opened her eyes.  The pupils were tiny slits in the center of brilliant green retinas.  The nurse gasped, her own eyes growing huge as she almost dropped Kyra.  But as she struggled to keep the girl in her arms, she blinked.  Kyra's eyes closed and remained that way as though nothing had ever happened.

The nurse quickly moved to the counter and laid Kyra on it.  As she tried to control her breathing, the girl began to cry again.  After a few seconds of staring at the infant, the nurse slowly moved back over to the counter and looked at her.

It was in my mind.  There's no way I could have seen that.  Oh god… she thought, taking a deep breath.  But Kyra was simply a child, a harmless infant.

For now.