Let the rain fall down

Let the rain fall down,
Painting the ground with darkened colours.
Watch the road turn into a motionless river,
Splashing peacefully against the grass.

Let the wonders take control.
See the flowers dance with the cryptic faeries ,
As the trees waltz with the wind.
Let the rain fall down,
Let it wash away your fears.

Let it soak into you skin,
Reminding you of who you are.
Bring out the child, full of wonder.
Laugh freely with all of your heart,
As is fills you soul with hope.
Let the rain fall down.

Let it fall, even if it is dark and terrible.
Let it fall, even in the dead of night.
But do not let it take away your hope.
For no storm lasts forever,
A rainbow of fortune always follows close by.
So, let the rain fall down.