The Dangers of Being Me

My friend doesn't talk to me anymore

So I'll guide her through a day

In my sinful life



I want her to see the sin I create

The monstrosities of being me

She agrees, knowing she'll win

She wakes up in my room

Goes downstairs

Calls grandpa

Calls my parents

She makes sure no one "worries" about her

As she begins my evil routine

My grandparents pick her up

And she goes out to lunch

Helps Grandma

Out of the car

To the table

Makes sure Grandma's okay

Noon of my sinful day

Then she posts on xanga

Sits around being bored

Talks to friends

Listens to music

Writes a bit

Catches up with her friends

And gasps at the blaspehmy

My parents come home

She eats her dinner

Watches TV

Talks to my mom

Talks to my dad

Checks her e-mail

My, what a sinful day

Judge not