Gosh don't you hate when authors leave notes instead of updating. I always did but here I am doing it. Sorry, please forgive me. I just want to make sure all my faithful, wonderful, beautiful readers know that I'm still alive. See I fell in love, lost track of writing, got my heart broken, became depressed, and now forcing myself to move on. There for awhile I didn't want anything to do with romance or love or anything so I just simply couldn't write.

The other day I sat down to write my next chapter for Reckless and I have no clue what to write, I know how it ends I just don't know how to get it there. So I may need some help or suggestions or something. Right now I'm a senior so I have a lot on my plate, mainly with portfolios. So even if I begin updating again you'll have to have patience.

Anyway thanks for being so great and I really will try to update before the next century.