The Candle I wrote this poem for the paper I was asigned by my pastor to do before I was confirmed. Therefore it obviously has Christian content. If you don't agree with that, use the back button!

The Candle
by Bria ([email protected])
October 1995

A bit of wax is carved into a wondrous shape by the candlestick maker.
For only he knows how glorious it will be.
Molded and smoothed until it is finally ready to be made available to the public.
He gives it to a family who wants to share its light.
The candlestick maker sheds no tears because he knows he will see it again.
He is proud of his creation and knows it has an important job to do: to shine a light in the world
The family takes the candle and lights a match; a small flame begins to dance, slowly but steadily.
As the tiny flame grows, the wax drips and sags a little.
But the candle is well-taken care of.
It is shown great love and each time the flame grows more and more beautiful.
After a while, the flame starts to light other flames by sharing the same love it received.
Soon a room can be lit up by the light of the flames of the candles with happiness from the love they have received.
When the candlestick maker sees that the candles work is done and it's flame starts to dwindle, he comes.
With the warmest breathe he blows it out.
A small curl of smoke twirls into the sky where it will always be.
A joyful little dance.
The candlestick maker smiles and goes to see his masterpiece.