Staring into the mirror,
I don't recognize the stranger you have become.
The eyes look the same,
The voice sounds the same,
But something seems different.
You have admitted you are a loner.
That the only one who can put up with you
Is you.
And maybe not even then sometimes.
This is what makes you sad.
People tell you "just cheer up"
They don't know how it feels,
They stand by and judge you.
They tell you to stop doing things,
Or have problems,
They can't talk right now.
You are a coward.
You can't talk to them,
Especially when they are so happy.
You have no right to ruin their happiness.
I stare at you,
And you are me.
But how can I not recognize you.
Has my mask
Been on to long.
If you can't recognize yourself
How can you expect someone else to see the potential
You may have.
You can't.