I went on a trip to Korea earlier this summer, and got back about a week ago. I figured I'd type out everything that happened, well, most of what happened, so that people will stop bugging me for details. I can't technically post day by day, seeing as most narratives will carry over onto the next day, but I'll post according to my sleep cycle, which I will call a day. So then, go ahead and read day one. Enjoy.

Sunday through Tuesday?

If I'm going to write about my trip to Korea, I guess I should start at the airport. I know that's not technically Korea but hey, it's part of the trip right? So basically, I waited in line, checked my baggage, did all the normal crap you do at an airport. For the first time in a very long time I didn't get stopped by the metal detector. Apparently that piece of metal in my left foot has disappeared... but that's a different story. During this time I was led by some random person working for Asiana, completely unnecessary. After all, I'm 16 and can take care of myself. Met some people on the way to the gate, didn't know their names yet, so we'll get to that later. On the plane I met my first two, um, acquaintances(?), the twins. They were so annoying, I mean, that was one LONG flight. I don't mean long as in 11 hours, which it was, I mean long as in:

"Can I see your gameboy?"


"Can I see your gameboy?"


"Can I see your gameboy?"



They're ok tho. It was just one of the twins anyway. The other one wasn't so bad. Oh, just to clarify, they weren't identical twins. In fact, they looked and acted nothing like each other. Sure the resemblance was there, but you think cousins, not twins. Of course, I thought cousins because they're the same age. You might think brothers, whatever, I wont be describing people too often in this narrative.

Once we were off the plane, we got in a huge immigration line and it was BIG. Apparently, a lot of people want to go to Korea. Having been there myself for a few weeks, I can safely say that I have no idea why. While I was in line, I ran into people from my church! What are the chances?! I got my baggage surprisingly fast, exchanged about a hundred and fifty dollars into, well, I lost the receipt but it was a little less than 140,000 won. That's a lot of won. Did you know that the largest bill they have is 10,000? That's less than a ten dollar bill. But that has no bearing on my trip.

Having exchanged my money, I ventured into the main terminal in search of my group. Unfortunately, I can't read Korean and I missed the sign. So I wandered, rather scared I might add, for some time. Ironically, when I finally did find the meeting place, I was the first one. Apparently, I'm not the only illiterate peasant that came on that plane. Now at this point I'd like to point out that that plane took three days. I got to the airport Sunday, and arrived on Tuesday. Now isn't that interesting?

All of this miraculously happened before 4 am, because that's when we arrived. Now if we sleep at ten, what are we going to do for the next... I don't want to do the math, but you get the idea. Well lets see, the first thing we did was look for the child we know as "lost boy." I honestly don't remember his name. So we spent a long time looking for "lost boy" who by the way appeared out of the blue later on. After searching and not finding him, we piled onto the bus, most of us still confused as to his whereabouts, and left for what we could only assume was our hotel. It was a long bus ride, not one of our longest, but quite long none the less. When we finally arrived, we saw what we could only assume was our hotel.

It wasn't too bad, I wouldn't mind staying there any way. Sure I've seen better, but I didn't sleep much on the plane *cough*twins*cough*. Upon arrival, we proceeded to the third floor and ate lunch. Yum, Korean soup. I'm so sick of Korean soups. Oh wait, that's not important. So after lunch we had a little meeting, not the orientation yet, but it was a meeting. And what do you know! Here comes "lost boy!" We sat down, and there was a new kid. A bit of questioning proved that he was in fact "lost boy." Then we all piled into the bus, and waited for what seemed like hours for someone from New York that was apparently late. Joy.

At this point we left the International Youth Center for our real hotel, New Yorker not in tow. When we arrived at the real hotel, also known as Airport Hotel, we found several new people, all girls. Still no sign of "New Yorker." I dunno, he might have been there, but I certainly don't remember him. So once our rooms were assigned, we all went upstairs to our rooms. Two people per room eh?

"Why are there four people on my list?"

That was me, as I and, for unknown reasons, three other people went upstairs, we looked at the other rooms that others had received.

"Two beds, there are two beds per room, and four of us... I'm oldest, I get a bed."

Me again, now confused because there are four of us, and two beds. Of course, when we found our room, all was explained. There were no beds in our room, I repeat, NO beds. What a simple solution, if you remove the beds, there's more room. Simply some blankets on the floor in a far too traditional Korean style. At first, we were appalled. Then I made some interesting discoveries: Our room rocked. Plain and simple. I found that we have two doors, one main door, and a second door in front of which was a section to remove our shoes. Not that the removing our shoes was that great, even though we did so, but the door, now that was a discovery. Not to mention in Summer Korean heat, it was nice being the only room with a fan. Oh sure, we all had air conditioners, but WE had a fan. Last, but not least, our room was just plain bigger, and size does matter. Fear us, we are superior.

Now onward to Lunch. Wait, didn't I eat lunch already? Nope! That was breakfast! Did I mention this was a long day? Because it really was. It seemed like two days, which is why I'm worried that I'm slurring a few days together. But other than that, all the events are mostly correct. Come to think of it, until I wrote all this down I DID think it was two days. Now onto the bus once again, and this time we went to some rest stop, that's right, a rest stop. This is where we ate lunch, the real lunch. Lots of twists and turns on this trip aren't there? Now at lunch I saw a new teacher! But he was eating with the students, strange isn't it? But we shall address that later.

Once breakfast, err, lunch was complete, we headed up on our first sightseeing trip, we explored, or should I say, observed the Korean North-South border. Well what do you know, there is an observatory aimed at North Korea. Hmmmmmmm. We watched some stupid movie about how bad North Korea is, and then moved on. It was a great view though. Back to the bus, and back to Airport Hotel.

Did I mention that all this time a young boy has been following me? An attention starved "special" boy named Elliot. It was bearable at first, but then he kept popping up. It was as if I was the first person kind enough to treat him very well in a long time, seeing as his brother didn't acknowledge his existence. Sorry, just had to get that off my chest.

Once we were settled, there was only one course of action, why break the rules of course! So off I go with the twins, lost boy, and some guy named Eric who reads Love Hina. Eric was a little closer to my age, although I was tied for oldest on this little trip. So it was ok chatting with him. I think we walked a mile. And after that trek, and discovering that the twins and "lost boy," had ditched us, we found a wonder of wonders. An arcade! So I wasted some money there and found the little kids that scared the hell out of me, and started back. How did they scare me you ask? Well here's how: I just snuck out, I am the oldest of those that snuck out, it is quite obvious that I am responsible for those younger than me. But they made it back ok, so no worries.

Then we returned to the International Youth Center. Now I have a question, the damn place is called the International Youth Center, why may I ask does no one working there speak English? Again I digress. Again we returned to the meeting room where we found "lost boy," where we had the orientation. Yes, now we have the orientation because now everyone has arrived! Including a new teacher, and "New Yorker," who was the "teacher" sitting amongst the students, now renamed Will. The new teacher seemed like he was going to be a pain in the ass. Why? Because he speaks English, lives in America, and is twenty-something and therefore knows what we may do, *cough*sneakouot*cough* and how to prevent us from doing so.

And so, After another bowl of a different Korean Soup (yes, more soup) for Dinner, we returned to Airport Hotel to sleep. Haha, yeah right, sleep. We found Starcraft TV and some anime. One of my roommate's dad showed up, so then there were 3, until I started a party in my room and then there were, well, a lot more people. We tried to get out, but since it was absolutely pouring outside, and the new teacher talked to the staff, we were stopped. And so, my second attempt, though not the last, to sneak out was stopped. We ended up sleeping around ten. I'm a bit embarrassed at the early hour, but there weren't many days I slept that early. And that is Day one. A very long day one.