Oink Oink...

We are on day four, that would make today... Friday? Ok, well, we woke up as usual, and... My memory fails me already. I haven't even written anything of substance yet. Damn, why must the days be so similar in nature as to confuse me? It has been entirely too long since my time abroad. Well I do recall that Korean sausage made a second appearance that morning, as well as every remaining morning at that damned training center, along with the typical bowl of soup. We probably played basketball again. Yeah, it gets old real fast.

So today, we had homework. Yeah, that's right, homework. I did a quick research project with Frosty on the turtle boat, first iron clad ship in the world. I bet you didn't know that Korea is up there with the most innovative countries eh? We're right behind Japan in commercial technology... well, something like that. So anyway, they gave us little sheets of paper with websites on em with info about our subject. We all know how well my lucks been going by now. Our website didn't work and we had to find our own info. I helped find the info for another group too. That scored me some points that'll come in handy later.

Um.. Lunch Time? More Soup, More Basketball, etcetera, etcetera. Man, I exercised a lot in Korea. Here I forget to jog after school but in Korea... Well anyway, you're probably getting sick of hearing soup and basketball. We researched a li'l more during lunch too, but you probably don't care much about that either. Onward to another pseudo-paragraph! This one was just filler.

So anyway, where was I? Our classroom changed. We're now one floor lower than we used to be, which is interesting, since our old classroom was on the same floor as the lobby. Go figure, the basement floor has windows. When we walked into the classroom, we all got hackey-sacks, and we had a contest. It was an old Korean thing to play with, um, to see how many times you could bounce the sac without, um... I can't make this sound right, so moving on. We had li'l competition. I made it past the second round out of pure luck, but I lost this one. Oh well, I'm not that big a fan of foot-eye coordination. I mean, DDR is awesome, its just not for me.

Today, we got to learn how we're supposed to walk, talk, and receive things. Is it really that important how you give someone that box, or how you take it? The video sure thought it was. Oh hey, I can strut myself pretty well. Looks like NJROTC came in pretty handy, marching is a good way to walk... I can't remember much else. We finally had our bowing test today. We went up, we bowed, we sat down. I got the largest round of applause, but that's probably because I was in the first group, and they didn't feel like clapping after that. I think we had a best bower thing here, but we all know my age group is excluded from winning, and I'm probably just imagining things anyway.

We switched our rooms today. Got em moved down to where our classroom is. Our complaining finally got to them. Working Showers! Closing Doors! A Televison! The only downside was that we were closer to the teacher's rooms now. I think they really moved us so they could keep an eye on us. I mean, we weren't exactly model students were we? We still had our own little lounge. It wasn't as good as our old one, but at least we still have one. So that means more late night chats and games. Again, nothing you haven't heard about.

After diner we got a little time to prepare for our presentation. It went from report to presentation pretty fast. What the hell am I smoking? No, I didn't smoke. Anyway, I totally wasted my time and rediscovered Love Hina. Its not like I'm being graded on this, so there's really no reason for me to prepare right? While "preparing for the presentation," I made the greatest discovery to date. AN AMERICAN PLUG. Can you believe it? I can finally charge my baby. The Music lives! Welcome back to the land of the Living li'l MP3 player. I knew you could make it! I looked like an idiot, but hey, I do love my music. As an interesting side note, the Lithium Ion battery on my MP3 player died recently. My baby is officially gone. Never buy built in batteries.

Well, presentation time! It took us a while, and I was listening to my mp3 player most of the time, but ours went pretty well. Although they did take away my manga because I should be paying attention. After dinner, it was announced that winners were selected among the presentations. The best of the best were rewarded with prizes and trinkets glorifying our host airliner Asiana. And guess what? I got nothing! Sucks don't it? See, they wanted to make the little kids happy, so they ignored us winners. Yeah, I did have the best presentation, they told me so, and I found info for people too. What happened to my extra points? But they told us we had the best presentation, and we were really helpful, so we got a secret prize. What was it? It's a secret!

Tonight's basketball was actually of some interest. I skipped all the meals and b-ball games this time around, but this particular night deserves some recognition. First of all, remember Elliot? Well, he passed the ball to a girl a little hard... into her face. This happened a little past ten, and it was dark outside, and we decided it was wise to return to our rooms. Hey, why did no one tell us we had a curfew? The closest door was chained. So I had to go all the way around. I didn't notice the door was chained at first glance and assumed that I could open it from inside. Do you have any idea how tiring it is to run up a slope of that grade? I think that was the best workout I've had in years.

We finally managed to get the poor girl to her room. She had to walk all the way to the front entrance, with help of course. I bought the girls Cokes since they were probably tired and I'm into the whole chivalry thing. The hallway with the vending machines was really creepy. I mean, dark, with creaking half open doors and weird shadows. The only sound was the whirring of the machines... I'm creeping myself out remembering this. Ack! Ghost!

We played Truth or Dare again in our little lounge. The poor girl who was hit in the face just kind of sat there. Frosty accidentally dropped a water bottle on her head while trying to get her to talk. That didn't really help the situation much, especially we buy the seriously big bottles. We started swapping stories , but I can't really relate any of them, so imagine amazingly entertaining stories were inserted here. Did I mention I love bowl ramen? I stole like half of this one girl's. Men are such pigs. I just utterly destroyed the reputation of my half of the race this chapter didn't I? I mean, come on, what the hell were we thinking Friday night? Oh well, I was pretty high of the fact that my shower worked and I had a tv to watch. Seriously, you never think about how great it is knowing no one's gonna walk in on your shower...