An Afterthought
Not a priority
A person that when there is no one else
They think of you.
You have to accept it.
You can't keep getting depressed over it
You are an afterthought.
People tell you aren't
But you know.
You are an invisible person
Most of the time.
Why wouldn't you be
An Afterthought.
It is only logical.
You are the last one
Invited to parties,
To events,
To dinner,
Unless you plan them.
You can't have an ego about this.
It will be better if you accept it.
You can't expect everyone to love you
Hell, a lot of people don't even like you
They think you are crazy.
They don't understand you.
You are unstable,
A hurricane that destroys itself
Crying in your room
Not letting people know
What is wrong
Not like they care
Most of them
Have better things to do.
They have other priorities.
You will never be at the
Top of anyone's list.
If you are it will be a miracle.
Yes, it is true that God loves you,
So do other people.
But you can't trust them
There is no part of
Your heart left.
The people before
Have hijacked it.
Some didn't mean to.
Others got pleasure from it.
You are an afterthought.
Not a priority.
That is all you will ever be.